Krampus Transformation

8:40 video

It's hard for me to get into the the holiday spirit these days. Life is so stressful and busy. But maybe this year I will try a little harder to be merry. Decorating my tree seems like a good start! I'm busy hanging ornaments when I get a knock at the door. I look and there is an unmarked package waiting for me. Being curious, I open it and find a bell with the words "Gruss Vom Krampus" written on it. I remember old folk tales about Krampus from when I was growing up. Figuring it'll be a neat addition to my tree, I hang it up immediately. But as I'm hanging more ornaments, something strange begins to happen. I don't immediately notice the changes, but my face begins to morph, and hair sprouts on my cheeks. My ears turn long and pointy and two horns appear on my head. Finally I notice something is wrong. I touch my face and freak out by what I find. What is going on? I look down and my feet have turned into hooves, and my legs have become furry! My hands change before my eyes into hairy limbs with long, scary fingers. Have I.... BECOME KRAMPUS?! Are the ancient folk tales real?! I panic for a few moments, but soon another change comes over me. I start to enjoy my new form. Maybe being Krampus isn't so bad after all... I do look kind of cool. And I did want to get into the holiday spirit. Maybe punishing bad boys and girls is just the thing I need!

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