Office Duties

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I'm your wife's secretary and she's going to be out of town on business for several months. While she's away, I'm going to be in charge. Which means I'm technically your boss now. I know we're on a first name basis, but given the circumstances I think it best you call me "Miss Mercury" from now on. Don't want anyone to think I'm showing favoritism! My first order of business as your boss, however, is to address the little issue of you being late to work today! As punishment, you will need to take on break room duty. That means arriving early EVERY DAY to make the coffee, then you'll have to make rounds every two hours to collect any trash or empty cups. You will also have to stay late to clean up the breakroom. This is all in addition to your regular work, of course. Also we don't want you getting your work clothes dirty, so we have a pretty apron for you to wear. It says "Girl On Duty" on the front. Sorry we don't have a male one, we've never needed it. So you'll have to make do. I tell you to put it on along with a frilly headdress I've given you, so I can take a photo for the front hall. That way everyone will know that you are the current "Girl On Duty." I give you all of your assignments for the day, reiterating the importance of being on time and prompt. I tell you that you'll have to wash out all of the coffee cups by hand since we don't have a dishwasher.

Oh, and another thing: Your wife has informed me that you have a bit of a masturbation problem, especially when she is away. So I'm revoking your bathroom privileges while she's gone. If you do need to go, you will have to ask me first, and I will escort you to your wife's office where you may complete your ablutions under my watchful eye, to make sure there's no funny business. Your wife has also informed me that you have been put in chastity, and it is my job to inspect your device daily. I should also let you know that I am in close contact with your housekeeper who has been instructed to keep tabs on you AND to spank you over her knees should you misbehave. I make you drop your pants right here in my office and I can see that your butt cheeks are bright red. Looks like someone was a naughty boy today, already!

Once I finish going over everything with you I decide it's high time you got to work and made yourself useful. I grab you by the ear and drag you out onto the office floor.

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