Turned Into a Toilet

11:19 video


You come to my door one day because you've heard that I do transformations; I can turn people into anything they want! I invite you in and ask you what you're looking for. You confess that it's a secret dream of yours to be turned into a toilet and you beg me to turn you. I'm a little surprised, but I snap my fingers and grant your wish. Ta-da! You've been turned into a toilet! Your head is now a big porcelain bowl and the toilet seat is your mouth. I laugh and admit that this is really good timing because I need to go now! So I drop my pants and dump a huge load inside of you. After I'm finished and cleaned up I look down at you and say "you know my boyfriend is going to be using this too, right?" Oh well, too late now! I give you a flush and walk away.

The next day I walk in to find that my boyfriend had used and clogged you! Man, you really stink! I grab a plunger and immediately use it on you until everything flushes down. Then I laugh and talk about how you must have been sitting like this for hours! I don't really understand why you wanted this, but I hope you're happy. But you don't get to relax for long, because I need to pee. So I drop my pants again and piss into your toilet bowl mouth. Then I tell you I'm not going to bother flushing so you can get used to your new toilet life. Bye loser!

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