TBT Step-Mom Fat and Pregnant

13:25 video

Another one from the vaults! Check out one of my favorite custom videos:

I'm your new step-mother, and you're my very lazy step-son. You always leave your room such a mess! For some reason you enjoy watching me clean your room. Unbeknownst to me, however, you just love looking at my ass when I bend over. I tell you that I need to clean your sheets - they're filthy! I give them a quick tug only to reveal the massive boner you were hiding! I'm shocked at first, of course. I definitely don't want your step-father to come home and see that! So I agree to help you out. You insist that we fuck without a condom. I begrudgingly agree, but make you promise to pull out before you cum. I don't want to get pregnant! You bend me over the futon and start fucking me hard and fast. At first I pretend that I don't like it, but secretly I'm loving every second of it... until I find something buried in the pillows on your futon. It's a bottle of pills that read: "Fatten Her Up Cum Supplements. Increase your sperm count by 500%! Includes nutrients to make her gain weight! Don't just get her pregnant with one! Get her fat and pregnant with multiples!" Oh no! What are these?! I notice that the pill bottle is completely empty! In fact, there are several of the same bottles on your futon and ALL of them are empty! I beg you to pull out, but it's too late. You explode in my pussy! Drenching my insides with cum. 

Nine months later I am just about ready to pop. My belly is huge and I've gotten so fat. You walk in the room and tell me you've taken more of those pills and you want to fuck me again. I beg you not to -I'm already huge as it is! But you quickly push back my legs and make me take your cock. I watch in horror as my belly continues to grow bigger before my eyes.

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