Mad Scientist Shrinks You

7:23 video

You find yourself in a laboratory with Dr. Ami who after inspecting you informs you that your genitals are abnormally small for your size. She proposes that she make your body match your cock size... by shrinking you! It's too late for you to run away, however, for the mad doctor has already injected you with a serum. Within minutes you start to shrink until you're the size of a Ken doll. The good news is: Your cock actually looks big by comparison! Finally your dick size suits you! You're so tiny! The mad doctor could easily step on you. She won't, of course. (Or will she?) It might be entertaining to see you all squished beneath her shoes. Dr. Ami is just impressed this treatment worked! You see, this is all experimental. It has never been done before. You scurry about the floor looking up at the tall doctor looming over you. You don't know what to make of being less than a foot tall. Finally the doctor picks you up and puts you in her pocket, which is where you will stay for the rest of the day while she takes care of things around the lab.

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