Transformed Into An Orc

7:43 video

I'm reading a monster romance story about a fearsome orc and the human maiden he captures. I'm getting to the really steamy part and letting my imagination run wild as I plop back on the bed. Slowly I drift into a dream, and when I open my eyes I find myself in another world. A deep forest that stretches on and on. Am I still dreaming? What is this place? Finally I come to a clearing in the woods where I spot some strange clothes hanging on a rack, and unbeknownst to me something even stranger is happening to my body. My face begins to morph and my skin starts turning green, as I reach the mysterious garments. Compelled by some unseen force, I strip out of my nightgown and start putting on the clothing items. I'm starting to lose control of my human mind, as something much more fierce and terrifying takes over. I catch my reflection in a metal tray and I gasp when I see that I have turned into an orc! Very much like the ones in my story! It is then that my human mind completely fades away and is replaced with that of an orc! I lift a mighty axe that has been left for me, and raise it over my shoulder. I have now become the orc queen and I have totally forgotten that I was ever human. Terrible, frightening and powerful, I will now rule over the orc horde and lead them to conquer this world!

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