Orc Fuck

7:56 video

While resting in the woods near an orc camp, you manage to find the orc queen out on a walk. She has half a mind to slay you with her axe, but you confess you've always loved and honored orcs. You would love nothing better than to join my horde... And maybe a little more.

"Oh, so you're one of THOSE guys, huh?" I ask. The kind of guy who thinks he can "make it" with an orc. Well, I've got a little extra time. Perhaps I'll give you a try and see if you're worthy of joining my army. I start by pulling out your cock and taking it in my mouth. You love the way my tusks rub against it, they feel so smooth and cool to the touch, in contrast to my warm, wet mouth. Then I lift my skirts and lower myself onto your cock. I arch my back and moan as you enter me. You're not bad for a human -you're almost as big as an orc! I start to ride your cock, rocking my hips back and forth to make you go deeper and deeper inside. You can't believe how tight and wet my orc pussy is, and you are in absolute ecstasy. Then I turn around and let you watch my ass jiggle as I bounce up and down on my cock. I talk dirty and moan even louder as I get closer and closer... Finally we both cum hard together, writhing in pleasure. Well, I think you've proven your worth. Why don't you follow me to my camp and I'll make you an official member of my horde? Maybe I'll even let you hold my axe... ha! Not a chance. Come along, human!

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