Ariel's Bondage Torment

35:44 video

Starring Ariel Anderssen
She is one of our favorite bondage actresses and she is excellent in this dramatic scene. Looking lovely in skirt, blouse and pantyhose, real estate agent Ariel tidies up a house while she waits for a buyer. Instead Tim shows up and, when Ariel turns her back, he grabs her and clasps his hand over her mouth. Tim has a score to settle with the buyer of the house and has to keep Ariel out of the way while he waits for him. Ariel tries to reason with Tim while he securely ties her up. Despite her pleading, he stuffs a rag in her mouth and ties a cloth over it. Ariel struggles but can not free herself. Removing her shoes, she tries to hop away but is quickly caught. Tim fondles and gropes his helpless captive while she squirms and pleads. To make her more helpless, he blindfolds her and leaves her there, terrified. Later, Ariel is brought into a bedroom and ordered to strip naked. She protests but has no choice. She is securely bound and gagged again but fights as Tim gropes her naked flesh. Tim pulls Ariel’s pantyhose over her head and then ties yet another gag over that. Ariel is hogtied and left there, unsure of her fate. A few seconds of outtakes conclude the scene. Scene #BG0717

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