Celeste Stuck in Bondage - Celeste Star and Karlie Montana

38:22 video

Starring Celeste Star and Karlie Montana
Celeste looks incredible in this fun, erotic story. Celeste is on the phone, telling her friend about some crazy experiences she recently had. She explains how she went out with a guy and ended up at a hotel. The guy was kinky so Celeste let him tie her up. In flashback, we see Celeste tightly bound on the hotel bed with a bright red ballgag in her mouth. A buzzing vibrator is tied to her leg and is pressed against her crotch. She struggles against the ropes and moans with both distress and pleasure. The maid (Karlie) comes in and ignores Celeste. She actually cleans the room instead of untying her! Karlie finds a note left by Celeste's date. She does what the note says: she tightens Celeste's ropes and gag, fondles her, attaches nipple clamps to her nipples and changes the batteries in the vibrator. Celeste whimpers and pleads but Karlie is uninterested. When the maid leaves, Celeste moans loudly as the vibrator brings her to orgasm yet again. We cut back to Celeste on the phone, explaining how she was bound in the hotel room for a long time and then had to walk home in her lingerie. She ends her call and removes her clothes to reveal a very sexy lingerie outfit with stockings. She puts on her boots and starts playing with some rope. A burglar (also Karlie) spies on Celeste. She captures her and ties her up. Celeste reminds Karlie to gag her. Karlie stuffs some panties into Celeste's mouth and tapes her up. While robbing the house, Karlie found some bondage gear so Celeste ends up strapped to a chair with hands cuffed behind her. A vibrator is taped to the chair and pressed against her crotch. The burglar has some fun with Celeste, fondling her. She then puts a key to the cuffs in Celeste's hands and starts to leave. Celeste, through her gag, reminds Karlie to turn the vibrator on. Left alone, Celeste squirms and moans as the vibrator brings her to orgasm again. She cums so hard that she drops the handcuff key! She frantically tries to get at it but she realizes she is stuck there until someone finds her. Scene #BG0761

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