Captured Cocktail Waitress - Ashley Lane

23:35 video

Starring Ashley Lane
Ashley is a perfect damsel in this tense bondage story! Ashley looks incredible as she gets dressed in her waitress outfit with cute bow tie and sexy black pantyhose. She’s totally unaware that creepy villain Donovan is watching her. He grabs Ashley and puts his hand over her mouth. Ashley is pushed to the couch where she pleads not to be tied up. But Ashley ends up bound with lots of silver tape. She pleads not to be gagged but Donovan cruelly packs her mouth and tapes it up. Left alone, Ashley struggles. She’s hears the villain talking on the phone, explaining is plan. Another girl will take Ashley’s place at the restaurant and will assassinate a gangster there. Ashley continues to struggle hard and even works the shoes off her stocking feet but can not free herself. She tries to hop away but Donovan grabs her. He needs her clothes for the other girl so he unties Ashley and strips her clothes off. Ashley, still gagged, whimpers pitifully. Another gangster shows up to get Ashley’s clothes and the two men cruelly taunt the naked Ashley. Donovan gropes her tits and ass. Later, Ashley sits in a closet. Donovan tells her he plans to dispose of her. Ashley pleads to just be tied up. When the villain refuses, Ashley describes how he can tie and gag her so that she won’t be able to free herself. She even suggests a stocking over her head to hold the gag in. The villain agrees and Ashley ends up tightly bound and gagged. Before he leaves, Donovan pulls the stocking over Ashley’s head, ties another gag over it and closes her in the closet. Ashley struggles and whimpers helplessly.  Scene #BG0789.

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