Bad Vibrations - Part 1 - Ashley Lane

25:34 video

Starring Ashley Lane
Ashley and Mr. Donovan give riveting performances in this thrilling story of bondage and humiliation! In clip 1, internet influencer Ashley hangs out at home, taking selfies and checking her social media. Suddenly, Donovan appears. Ashley is terrified but there’s no escape. Donovan reveals that he is Ashley’s biggest fan. When she tells him to leave, he shows her some nude photos of her that he stole by hacking her computer. He tells her to obey him or he’ll release the photos to the public. Reluctantly, Ashley agrees. Donovan spreads some bondage gear on a table and makes Ashley choose a gag. She chooses tape. He makes her gag herself with her worn panties and tape her own mouth. He orders her to strip down to her bikini and model and dance for him. Terrified, Ashley does as she’s told. Ashley is made to choose her bondage. She chooses rope and ends up tightly bound. Donovan cruelly gropes Ashley’s body while she squirms with disgust. Later, Ashley wears a sexy corset and stockings. Donovan makes her walk back and forth for his pleasure. He orders her to choose a gag and she selects a ballgag. She is made to put it on, along with a collar and leash. Ashley’s hands are strapped behind her and her creepy fan leads her around on the leash. Scene #BG0831

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