I Now Pronounce You Villain and Wife - Ashley Lane

20:59 video

Starring Ashley Lane
Ashley is joined by legendary bondage producer Jon Woods for this fun, campy scene. Superheroine Neon Girl (Ashley) goes looking for some missing superheroines. She looks around the headquarters of evil Dr. Miracolo. Suddenly, the doctor sneaks and handgags her. Neon Girl struggles hard and tries to curse at her captor but his hand makes her unintelligable. When we next see her, she is tightly bound. Miracolo gags her with tape and quickly begins fondling her. He tells her that he captured all the superheroines for his collection but that she will be his most prized possession. In fact, he plans to make her his wife! The poor heroine endures more humiliating groping and taunts before Miracolo leaves to plan the wedding. She struggles some more but it is useless. Ashley is now in a wedding dress (!) and tightly bound and gagged. Miracolo torments her with more groping and cruel taunts about how she will be his forever. The minister arrives and performs the wedding. Neon Girl is defiant, screaming her objections through her ballgag. When it's time for Neon Girl to say her vows, the villain removes her gag and handgags her. She still won't give in but the minister declares them villain and wife anyway. Miracolo picks his new wife up over his shoulder and spanks her ass. Three years later, on their anniversary, Neon Girl is bound and gagged on the bed. Miracolo enters and gropes his unhappy spouse. He taunts her cruelly.  Neon Girl struggles and whimpers endlessly. But she resigns herself to the fact that she will forever be Miracolo's wife and slave.  Scene #SHBD0013

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