Bumbling Babysitter in Bondage - Stacy Burke

44:24 video

Starring Stacy Burke - Stacy is funny and appealingly helpless in this fun story, which was made as a custom video. Stacy shows up for a babysitting job--watching Mary Janes precocious son (who, of course, is not seen in the video). Stacy, looking cute in a skirt, blouse and tan pantyhose, is excited about her job but she lets her guard down and ends up tightly bound and cloth-gagged. She struggles hard and hops around trying to free herself. She works the shoes off her feet but still can't get her ankles loose. After a while, she gets so tired she just sits back and watches tv. When Mary Jane returns, she ignores Stacys plight. Stacy finally manages to get untied and storms out in anger. Later, Stacy foolishly returns to the house after Mary Jane offers her more money. Once again, she lets her guard down and ends up bound and cloth-gagged. Stacy, looking extra cute in tight leggings and a button down shirt, struggles as hard as she can and tries to find ways to free herself but it is no use. Removing her shoes, she uses her bare toes to dial the phone but can not reach anyone. Eventually, she frees herself and storms out, vowing to never return. Then, Stacy is somehow convinced to try babysitting again and, you guessed it, she ends up bound hand and foot with a shiny black cloth between her teeth. Stacy looks fantastic in shiny black leggings, tight top, sheer stockings and black shoes. She looks even better as she hops around and squirms in a vain attempt to get loose. Working her shoes off, she tries to use her toes to dial the phone but it is a waste of time. Stacy hops to the bedroom and, when Mary Jane returns, she is angry at Stacys incompetence. She reties Stacys hands in front of her and attaches them to her ankles. Stacy struggles some more, giving you some great XXXX of her tasty ass. She manages to hop to the living room where she finally frees herself and leaves for good. Scene #BG0554

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