Someone Must Pay - Nina Neon, Darby and Stacy Burke

41:40 video

Starring Nina Neon, Darby and Stacy Burke - For Anton's 10 year anniversary, three of our favorite models came in to shoot this exciting story. Stacys degenerate boyfriend has a gambling problem, and Stacy and her roommates will have to pay the consequences. Nina comes home to find two ill-tempered gangsters lurking in her kitchen. They grab Nina and tie her up tightly, informing her that she will be kept hostage until they get the money they are owed. When Stacy and Darby come home, Nina is XXXX to explain the situation to her terrified friends. Then they are bound in the same manner and all the girls get a mouth full of packing and a shiny duct tape gag. The thugs force the girls down on the couch and add tight ropes to their sexy, nylon-clad legs. The girls whimper and struggle on the couch, trying to untie each others ropes. They shake off their high heels and try to loosen the ankle ropes with their stocking toes, it is no use, and soon the thugs return to torment and grope the helpless captives. The bastards fondle the girls delicious tits through their clothes, and then they force the embarrassed hotties to strip naked. The girls stand in front of their captors, humiliated, completely naked except for their gags. The three girls are bound naked on the bed. Their ruthless captors use their dirty pantyhose to gag them, and then they molest the bound and whimpering girls some more. Once they have had their dastardly fill of cruel fun, the captors drag Stacy away to torture her. She is tied on a kitchen chair with her wrists bound up to the ceiling, then she is gagged and blindfolded with elastic bandages. She is fondled by both guys, then terrorized and with a long cigarette lighter. Back in the bedroom, Darby and Nina are wiggling out of their ropes. Will they get free to save their friend and escape more humiliation and torment? You do not want to miss this videos exciting conclusion! Scene #BG0193

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