Stalked by a Pyromaniac - Charlie Laine and Loren Chance

29:18 video

Starring Charlie Laine and Loren Chance - Charlie and Loren are excellent in this intense peril scene. Detective Loren interviews Charlie about a horrible experience she had a few weeks ago. In a flashback, we see what happened--Charlie was lounging at home in her cute pink panties and clingy top. A twisted deviant snuck into her house, hiding just inches away from where she was sitting. He grabbed Charlie and clasped his hand over her mouth. He bound her securely and gagged her with a cloth and packing. Using a scissors, he cruelly cut the clothes from her body and took nude photos while Charlie whimpered and pleaded through her gag. But, someone XXXX on the door and the creep fled. Back in the present, Loren tells Charlie she will return later and leaves. Left alone, Charlie is nervous...and rightly so--the villain has returned! Charlie is grabbed and hand-gagged again. In her short skirt, top, pantyhose and heels, Charlie is bound with tape and gagged. The villain taunts her and takes more photos. Detective Loren returns and is also grabbed, bound and gagged. The creep reveals his plan. He is setting the house on fire! Smelling smoke, the girls struggle hard against their bonds. They try to free each other but can not. Finally, Charlie uses her stockinged feet to pull the tape from Lorens mouth. Loren uses her teeth to free Charlie but will they be able to get out of the burning house?! Scene #BG0437

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