College Girl Detective Caught Snooping – Brooke Johnson

25:34 video

Starring Brooke Johnson - Brooke is the perfect damsel in this hot, dramatic scene! Looking incredible in her plaid skirt and white blouse, Brooke sneaks into the villain’s office and looks at his computer. She’s caught and, despite her pleading, the guy tapes her up securely and gags her. Left alone, Brooke struggles hard but can not free herself. Sliding off her shoes, she uses her toes to grab some scissors and tries to cut herself loose. It doesn’t work so Brooke tries hopping to safety. She hops out of the room, through a hallway and into another room where she struggles some more. She manages to free herself from the tape but is caught when she tries to flee. Still gagged, Brooke is made to strip naked. She ends up bound and gagged with cloth strips in the back of a car. She squirms and struggles and whimpers into her gag. Finally, the villain tells her he’s going to take her for a ride and closes her in. A few minutes of outtakes are included with the Clip. They are mostly XXXX of Brooke posing for photos and joking around. There is a second set of Outtakes which are sold separately. The contain mostly second camera footage of Brooke in bondage. It includes Brooke being given direction by the producer and you can see the other camera in some XXXX. Scene #BG0875

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