Don’t You Dare Tie Me Up - Clip 1 – Diana Grace

28:37 video

Starring Diana Grace - When Diana’s boyfriend discovers she does bondage modeling, he wants her to be his personal bondage model.In Clip 1, Diana, in jeans, sexy top and bare feet, is left tied up on the floor and gagged with a bandana. She struggles hard and makes her way up to the couch but still can’t free herself. This is all made even more annoying for her since the boyfriend is playing one of Diana’s videos on the TV. When she finally gets loose, she is angry and curses her boyfriend. Later, Diana, in a hot bikini, nags her boyfriend about being late for a pool party. She ends up tied up on the couch, gagged with white tape. When she tries to hop away, he catches her and she finds herself tied to a post. A few minutes of outtakes are included with Clip 1. Scene #BG0884


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