Bondage Business Weekend Part 1 - Lorelei is Grabbed and Left Bound and Gagged

12:03 video

Intro - Ladyboss Lorelei has just checked in at the hotel and she enters her room unaware that danger lurks. The intruder jumps out and grabs her.

Part 1 - Lorelei's been left tied up on the bed. Business suit with short skit, stiletto high heels, black stockings, blouse, pink lacy bra, rope bondage, tape gag. She struggles for a while, manages to untie her ankles, and then wanders around trying to find the room-phone or something to cut her ropes with. Finally she gives up and realizes she will have to embarrass herself terribly by leaving the room to go for help. Still all tied up, she manages to pull the room door open, but a surprise awaits her on the other side.

Outtakes - The story is followed by behind-the-scenes bits of fun moments and some giggles.

Intruder played by Lorelei's boyfriend Jon Woods. Video verite', single camera, camera noise (new Pana vidcam, we're still getting the tech details worked out), cameraman noise. This video was made during our personal birthday-night at a hotel so the production has a more casual and amateur feel than usual (more like the earlier days of our videomaking).

1920x1080pixel MP4 video. January 5.

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