BizSuit Bondage for LadyBoss Lorelei - plus Behind the Scenes

14:45 video

Part 1 - Lorelei is ballgagged onscreen and then left alone to squirm on the steps.  She's been roped up wearing a short-skirted business suit with blazer and blouse, backseamed stockings, and high heels.

Part 2 - Lorelei has been tied facing the kitchen post, with her stocking's backseams on display.  She's now muffled with a tapegag.  She mmphs and struggles against the ropes.

Part 3 - Lorelei's now secured to the kitchen post, standing one-legged in her high heels.  Her arms have been pulled back strappado-style and tied behind the post.  Her breasts are exposed and on display.  She's obviously very uncomfortable.  She writhes and whimpers, but can't escape her predicament.

Behind The Scenes - The feature is followed by outtakes of fun moments and lots of laughter.

Ballgag wielder: Jon Woods. Tripod and handheld video verite' footage. Multiple cameras didn't colormatch but we decided to use all the footage anyway, because it looked interesting!  February 2.

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