Drooling Ballgagged Hogtied Captive in Classic Lingerie - Lorelei

19:02 video

Custom video: Lorelei drools in a ballgag hogtie.

The scene starts with one complete uncut take of a ski-masked man tying Lorelei and ballgagging her. She whimpers and drools as each rope is meticulously added until she's completely hogtied. Lorelei is trussed up on newspaper so that her saliva (DNA) won't be left behind in the room. She's clad in classic lingerie: black stockings, long black opera gloves, black hip corset, bra and panties. (7 minutes, tripod) 

After the tying is complete, the scene kicks into gear with the camera circling around Lorelei to show the situation from all angles (especially, of course, the drooling). (6 minutes, handheld vidcam)

Just in case Lorelei isn't miserable enough, her captor is later seen wrapping microfoam tape around Lorelei's head to trap the ballgag in place, before leaving her all alone. (3 minutes)

Outtakes: The video concludes with behind-the-scenes footage of Lorelei preparing to get tied up, a segment of Lorelei drooling between takes, and a close-up showing how the newsprint got smeared on her skin during the scene. (3 minutes)

JMM: Ballgagged, Behind the Scenes, Big Boobs, Bound and Gagged, Burglars, Damsel in Distress, Gagging, Hogtied, Lingerie, Mature, Rope Bondage, Stockings, Tapegagged, Tying.

1920x1080pixel MP4 video. July 13.

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