Worst Monday Ever - Secretary Lorelei Grabbed Bound Dumped and Abandoned

19:29 video

This was a difficult couple days of shooting but I'm very satisfied with how the story came out. -- Secretary Lorelei is just about to head to work when a ski-masked man grabs her and drags her away. He leaves her stashed outside a wood cabin. She struggles against the ropes and mmphs through her tape-gag. Finally she manages to squirm free of the ankle-ropes so she wanders off. Stumbling and moaning she picks her way through a back patio garden, then off the property and gets herself lost in a rural area. She paces miserably in her bondage until the bad guy discovers her and she's recaptured. Duct-tape is added over Lorelei's eyes to make any further escape attempts impossible. Her angry captor decides to abandon Lorelei at the city dump. -- Due to the length of this story we are debuting this as a double update.

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