Mermaid in Captivity Flirts with Fisherman - Starring Loren Chance

7:07 video

This is not really a "bondage" video so it's not counted as a regularly scheduled update. As many of you know I have a mermaid fetish. I like to fantasize about mermaids -- it's exciting to me that mermaids in the water are vital and powerful, but if you take them out of the water they become helpless damsels. I also have a fetish for mermaid-tail costumes because they essentially are "bondage mummification" for the lower half of the body. I have off and on been shooting mermaid fetish videos. This video only has one bit of bondage -- a captivity chain from the commode base to her tail -- but I'm posting it here for anyone who is interested. A lot of you have probably noticed that single-chain captivity is a fetish for me too (I usually fasten it to one ankle on a model who is fully tied up).
The story:
Fisherman Jon has brought home a mermaid! He's on the phone trying to get his buddy to take the mermaid off his hands. The topless mermaid has seagreen hair, seashell necklaces, and a green mermaid tail with scale pattern and a big fin/fluke. The mermaid is flirty and not at all concerned that she has been captured. There is a chain wrapped above her fin to keep her safe in her bathtub. Later there is some water in the tub to keep her nice and wet. She caresses her body and tail and peeks at you invitingly.
Mythical creatures, stuck. encasement, fantasy, roleplay, merpeople, merperson, sea siren, fin, mono fin, sea creature tattoos, blue hair, green hair, bluegreen hair, bondage, chained, water, Jon Woods.

1920x1080pixel MP4 video. December 15.

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