Barefoot Suspension Squirming in Silky Slip - HowTo with Lorelei and Mr Fish
27:24 video

Interesting how-to/behind-the-scenes footage where Lorelei talks about rope suspension details with the evil pirate Mr. Fish (actually quite a gentlemanly rigger). It's fun!  Videography by Jon Woods. Cameos by IndieDog and Chunky Monkey.

854x480pixel MP4 video. April 3.


Barefoot Suspension Squirming in Silky Slip - Lorelei
3:23 video

Lorelei's dangling from the ceiling, barefoot and topless in her silky slip (pantyless too, to be honest). Her sad little noises are audible behind the tapegag.

854x480pixel MP4 video.  April 3.


Garage Captive - Ashley Renee and Liam
54 photos

It was the end of the day, we were running out of time, and it was getting cold (poor Ashley!).  Lucky for me the little trouper was up for shooting one more bondage set.

Secretary, garage, red heels, high heels, miniskirt, mini skirt, stockings, blouse, braless, shaved, rope bondage, male domination, tapegag, tapegagged, big tits, toplesss, pink, 

Photoset: Zip file containing JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Set AshleyRenee18.  March 31.

Secretary in Phone Cord Bondage - Office Captive Blair Williams
8:45 video

An unexpected office burglary has left Blair securely strapped to her chair with telephone cords and ethernet cord! She can barely squirm against these tight twine-like restraints. Thank goodness that burglar took pity on her allergies and left her with a cleave gag instead of a tape gag! Over time her top comes open to reveal her beautiful breasts. By the end of the workday the chair is flat on the floor and our miserable bound-and-gagged secretary has a good view of the ceiling tiles.

854x480pixel MP4 video. March 27.


Barmaid's Break - Vibrator Bondage for Barmaid Ashley Graham
41 photos; 3:35 video

Barmaid Ashley's tootsies were aching, so she snuck into the breakroom to take five... and then:

Ashley is seen hogtied and she's gagged with a blue bandanna. A big buzzing vibrator is tied to her mons!

720x480pixel MP4 video.

Photoset: Zip file containing JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Set AshleyGraham1.

March 24.


Tied Up Secretary - Office Bondage for Ashley Roberts
54 photos; 3:29 video

"Sweet Secretary" - Cute office girl Ashley Roberts is chair-tied and scarf-gagged. She starts out upright, but later finds herself on the floor.

720x480pixel WMV video. Added December 25.

Photoset: Zip file containing JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Set AshleyRoberts1.  Added March 20.


Vibrator Bondage Tease for Caroline Pierce
4:57 video

Totally naked, Caroline is spread-eagled wide on the bed. Tim Woodman teases her at length with a big vibrator. but she gets no release. Caroline has pierced nipples and labia. Ungagged.

720x480pixel MP4 video (lo qual).  March 17.


Saint Patricks Day Party - Samantha Ryan
51 photos

Don't drink too much of that green beer!  Y'never know what y'might wake up to!

Zipped file containing JPGs (1200pixels on longest side).  Set SamanthaRyan1.  March 13.

Bedroom Bondage Orgasm for Lorelei - Behind The Scenes
10:38 video

BEHIND THE SCENES footage. Lorelei ties a vibrator to the bed, then ties her legs; later she's rigged and gagged by boyfriend Jon Woods.  Outtakes, bloopers, conversation, etc.

Rope bondage, pantyhose, shoeless, vibrator, corset, busty, bedroom bondage, bare breasts, bedroom bound, frogtie, tape gag, frogtied.

854x480pixel MP4 video.  March 10.


Bedroom Bondage Orgasm for Lorelei - with Jon Woods
9:45 video

Lorelei is bound and gagged and rolling around on the bed in a frogtie, with a tapegag to muffle her mmphing. Then a vibrator is lashed to the bed, then Lorelei's perched over it and required to reach orgasm by her masked captor. We don't know why she has to comply -- was she blackmailed? That's up to your imagination. She bumps and grinds on that vibrator until she succumbs to a shuddering orgasm! Afterward, the ski-masked bad guy gropes his captive for a bit. -- Corset, blouse, topless, pantyhose with crotch cut out.

Rope bondage, pantyhose, shoeless, vibrator, corset, busty, bedroom bondage, bare breasts, bedroom bound, frogtie, tape gag, orgasm, bondage orgasm, bound orgasm, frogtied.

854x480pixel MP4 video. March 6.


Lost and Found - Cathryn Beamont
36 photos

Cathryn moved on to a different career years ago, and I thought I'd completely run out of pics of her. But then I found this small photoset in a folder. I got really nostalgic preparing these files because Cathryn was a close friend of mine.  We were fellow Rocky Horror fans. Miss her bunches.

For a few of the shots, I generated two versions (with closer views), because I liked them so much.

Photography by Lorelei.

Photoset: Zip file containing 30 JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Set CathrynBeaumont15.  March 3.

The Phone Call - Naked Strappado for Miss Chastity Lynn
64 photos

I wonder what the phone call is about?

Chastity Lynn's first strappado, and first time trying elbow-bondage!  The Watcher: Guy DeSilva.  Rigging and photography by Lorelei.

Photoset: Zip file containing 63 JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Set ChastityLynn1.  February 28.

Contortion Table with Claire Adams
68 photos

Rigging by Lorelei ~ Pics by Jon Woods

It was the end of the shoot day but we had a little time left.  I flipped the table over on the floor, and asked Claire to figure out a way to be tied to it.  I love pretzel girls!

At the end of this photoset are a few shots that I played with in the graphics editor.

Photoset: Zip file containing 62 JPGs (1200pixels longest side). Set ClaireAdams11.  February 25.

Midnight Capture - Car Trunk Bondage for Lorelei - Encore
6:35 video

"Encore" footage: One of our cameras underperformed when we were filming part 2 of "Midnight Capture! Car Bondage for Lorelei". I didn't use the take from that camera when I edited the official video release, but it occurred to me later that some folks like car-trunk-bondage so much that they might want this low-key take.

Lorelei is tied up in the open car trunk, getting some air. Briefly unattended, she tries to get out of the trunk, but she's simply too tied up to be able to escape. She squirms and mmphs in the night air, gives up, tries to find a comfortable position to lie down inside the trunk, then thinks better of it and once again tries to tip out of the trunk... nope, not gonna happen. Overexposed footage. Jump cut.

Very brief outtake of the end of closed car trunk; Lorelei opens it from within with her feet.

Car bondage, outside, outdoors, tapegag, tapegagged, rope bondage, bare feet, topless, big tits, nice tits, natural tits, car trunk, trunk bondage, car boot, sundress, mini dress, corset, corsette, waist cincher, waspie, darkness, night, nighttime. Ropework by Jon Woods.

854x480pixel MP4 video. February 21.


Cutie Phoebe Queen Wrapped in Plastic and Tape - Outtakes
13:40 video

Behind-the-scenes footage of Phoebe getting wrapped up by Lorelei. Jon Woods and two other assistants in the room can be heard participating in the cheerful conversation and laughter.

Outtakes, bloopers, candid, behind the scenes, onscreen, on-screen, interaction, conversation, dialogue, humor, fun.  Kitchen wrap, saran wrap, plastic wrap, transparent wrap, cling wrap, pvc tape, electrician's tape, red tape, tape gag, tapegagged, mummification, mummified, mummy bondage, mummy, bare breasts, topless, nice tits, barefoot, bare feet, brunette, cute, petite.

854x480pixel MP4 video.  February 18.


Cutie Phoebe Queen Wrapped in Plastic and Tape
8:02 video

Adorable naked Phoebe struggles against her mummification bondage! She starts out wriggling and flipping on the bed, then later is taped to a chair to restrict her movements further. Poor little captive!

Kitchen wrap, saran wrap, plastic wrap, transparent wrap, cling wrap, pvc tape, electrician's tape, red tape, tape gag, tapegagged, mummification, mummified, mummy bondage, mummy, bare breasts, topless, nice tits, barefoot, bare feet, brunette, cute, petite. 

854x480pixel MP4 video. February 14.


Nurse with Big Tits Struggles Blindfolded in Bondage - Lorelei
12:08 video

Nurse Boobie has been left completely tied up! Blindfolded and helpless, she works her way around the room searching for an exit. She hears voices in the corridor, and mmphs hopefully, but no one comes to rescue her. - - Black shiny nurse's uniform and cap, topless with red bra pulled aside, black satin patterned corset, barefoot with red toenail polish, dirty soles, red satin blindfold over red satin sleepmask. white duct tape gag, white nylon rope tied tight, crinkly noises from the shiny uniform when she struggles, big tits, busty, buxom, blonde, curvy, bare legs, struggling, clinic, exam room, medical, nurse costume, nurse uniform, fetish wear, shiny wear, hip corset, damsel in distress, live sound. (10 minutes.)

The main feature is followed by a short free bonus scene. This footage suffered a technical glitch so there's no live sound. The captive is seen struggling on cement outdoors. The bad guy comes in and turns the garden hose on her and soaks her with cold water. She is then left alone, freezing and dripping wet. Music track. (2 minutes.)

854x480pixel MP4 video.  February 11.


Actress Tied to Directors Chair - Behind the Scenes with Terra Mizu
14:58 video

Treat yourself to Behind The Scenes footage of Terra getting roped up by Lorelei while they chat about random things along with the cameraman. (Mild spoiler-alert for short discussion about The Force Awakens movie.) - - Behind the scenes, bloopers, candid, outtakes, rigging, onscreen tying, on-screen tying. conversation, humor, fun, laughing, casual, model's personality.

854x480pixel MP4 video.  February 7.


Actress Tied to Directors Chair and Breasts Exposed - Main Scene - Terra Mizu
8:48 video

Big-breasted actress Terra has been roped to the director's chair right in front of the makeup mirror! What did she do to piss off the director this much? We might never know! After a few minutes her blouse comes open so that the 'stars' can come out. - - Chair tie, chair bondage, big tits, topless, bare breasts, large breasts, nice tits, cleave gag, long hair, secretary bondage, stockings, garter belt, high heels, rope bondage, panties, crotchrope, panty peek. 

854x480pixel MP4 video. February 4.


Roof Bondage Up High - Claire Adams
68 photos; 7:22 video

Claire Adams is tied up on the roof, near the freeway. She starts out gagged with upper body tied, wandering around the roof, peeking over the edge. Then she sits with legs tied too. She's mmphing and baking and sweating in the hot sun. Finally she is nicely hogtied. She wriggles unhappily. Her nipples are visible through her thin slip. The slip rides up to reveal her shaved mons. Ropework & videography by Lorelei.

Video: 720x480pixels. December 18, '13.

Photoset: Zip file containing 67 JPGs (1200pixels longest side). Added January 31, 2016.


Barefoot in the Kitchen - Jamie Lynn
64 photos

Why, look at this!  Jamie has tried to escape bondage modeling and become all domestic on us!  Well, this can't go unpunished.  ;)  Rigging and photography by Lorelei.

Kitchen, barefoot, brunette, sundress, rope bondage, neck scarf, scarf gag, cleave gag, cleavegagged, spaghetti rope, frogtie, frog tie, frogtied, frog tied, shrimp tie, topless, pink, nice tits, big tits, natural breasts.

Photoset: Zip file containing JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Set JamieLynn4.  January 28.

Bondage Suspension Ball-Tie - Claire Adams
62 photos; 3:04 video

Photoset: Suspended Ball.  Rigging by Lorele. Pics by Lorelei and Eric Holman.  Every time Claire comes to town, she wants us to ball-tie her, and she wants us to suspend her. So this time I did both.  Photos show the step-by-step process.  Zip file containing 62 JPGs (1200+ pixels longest side).  Added January 24, 2016.

Claire Adams is suspended in the air, in an inescapable ball tie. Even her bare feet are roped. She told us that only one of these ropes was uncomfortable... can you guess which one...?

Video: 720x480pixel WMV.  This is behind-the-scenes video footage taken during a photo shoot.  No audio available for this clip so we put in a bit of music.   January 12, '14.


Office Trouble Part 3 - Darla Crane and Ariella Ferrera
35 photos; 10:11 video

Darla Crane, Ariella Ferrera, (Jon Woods). 2 ladies with huge tits are in ropes on the rug. Totally naked and barefoot. Overmouth detective gags. They struggle and mmph as the robber searches the office. Later the phone rings, but they can't reach it.

Video: 720x480pixel WMV.  March 28, 2013.

Photoset: Zip file containing 28 JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  January 21, 2016.


Office Trouble Part 2 - Darla Crane and Ariella Ferrera
32 photos; 9:52 video

Darla Crane, Ariella Ferrera, (Jon Woods). 2 busty, leggy, high-heeled secretaries are in ropes on the rug. They struggle and mmph through their overmouth detective gags. Their blouses come open to reveal their huge tits.

Video: 720x480pixel WMV.  March 27, 2013.

Photoset: Photoset: Zip file containing 31 JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  January 17, 2016.


Office Trouble Part 1 - Secretary Bondage for Darla and Ariella
34 photos; 9:53 video

Darla Crane, Ariella Ferrera, (Jon Woods). 2 busty, leggy, high-heeled, bespectacled secretaries are working at B&G Company. Their stocking-tops are visible under their short miniskirts. A man comes and robs the safe. The secretaries are left tied to their chairs. They mmph and struggle. (Overmouth detective gags!)

Video: 720x480pixel WMV. March 26.

Photoset: Zip file containing 33 JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  January 14.


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