The WrapGag Burglary Part 1 - Lorelei is Gagged Groped and Left Shoeless
22:13 video

This is part 1 (of 2) from "The WrapGag Burglary - Lorelei is Helpless in Red Ropes and Red Gags".

Part 1. The intruder is inside the house. Lorelei's guard dogs are stuck outside, unable to defend her. She's helpless to stop whatever's going to happen. The burglar finishes roping her up and leaves to check the rooms. Returning, he removes her harness ballgag so that he can stuff a big muffling wad of cloth into her mouth. Her head is then tightly wrapped with tape. The burglar steals her high-heeled shoes and rips open the hose to expose her bare feet. He can't resist groping those huge breasts and manhandling her curves. He drags her to the floor to gloat over her helpless form. Onscreen gag, mouth-stuffing, wrap gag, bondage-tape gag, cotton rope, ropework, rigging, high heels, bare feet, harness ballgag, secretary, ladyboss, boss lady, blouse, skirt, corset, pantyhose, topless, big tits, natural tits, busty, buxom, ski mask, dogs barking in background.  Rigging and videography by Jon Woods.  Part 1's outtakes are in a separate clip.

854x480pixel MP4 video. July 7.


Lorelei dom'd by Darla Crane 2 - Ballgagged Hogtie - Plus BTS
15:50 video

This is part 2 (of 2) from "Bouncing Boobs Bondage Training and Ballgagged Hogtie - Lorelei is dominated by Darla Crane".

Part 2: Darla carefully ropes Lorelei step by step into a hogtie and then leaves her to ponder her misery. Ballgag drooling, rope bondage, rigging, tying, busty, buxom, curvy, high heels, bare legs, blonde, milfs, mature. 12mins.

BTS! Behind The Scenes: The story is followed by outtakes including conversation, laughing, putting in the ballgag, saliva noises, etc.

854x480pixel MP4 video. July 3.


Lorelei dom'd by Darla Crane 1 - Boobs Bouncing Bondage Training - Plus BTS
17:12 video

This is part 1 (of 2) from "Bouncing Boobs Bondage Training and Ballgagged Hogtie - Lorelei is dominated by Darla Crane".

Part 1: Big-boobed cowgirl Darla Crane has captured busty Lorelei! Darla drags Lorelei into an empty room, ballgags her and then gleefully subjects her captive to taunting and breast-groping! But the worst part is she forces Lorelei to trot in a circle to make her boobs bounce up and down, while motivation is applied via a flogger to the ass! Leather collar-and-cuff bondage, ballgag, leather strap around knees, groping, fondling, topless, big tits, bouncing boobs, breasts bouncing, high heels, cowgirl. 13mins.

BTS! Behind The Scenes: The story is followed by outtakes including conversation, laughing, breast-bouncing with humming, bloopers, putting in the ballgag, sextra footage of the training segment, etc.

854x480pixel MP4 video.  June 30.


Daphne Bound and Gagged - Haunted House Monster Caper - Mary Jane Green
11:23 video

Daphne sneaks through the haunted house with her flashlight... slowly... slowly... so that you can get a nice long look at her sexy cartoony self. Next she finds herself heavily roped to a chair. She struggles wildly and mmphs but no help comes! Jinkies! Suddenly a werewolf beast appears and scares poor helpless Daphne! Maybe amateur sleuths should stick to their college studies instead of creeping around haunted houses... those meddling kidds!

Cosplay, Daphne costume, Scooby Doo parody, homage, tribute, spoof, werewolf, monster, beast, creature, fursuit, lots of rope, cartoon style bondage, chair tie, rope bondage, cleave gag, cleavegagged, topless, nice tits, damsel. Extras: Jon Woods, Eric Holman.  854x480pixel MP4 video. June 26.


Mika Tan Bound Gagged and Displayed
39 photos


Tim Woodman and I did a joint shoot for his Bondage Blowjobs site and my Bondage-Girlfriend.com site.  At the end of the day we had a little time left... not enough to do a complicated bondage set, but enough to do SOMEthing... and since she has such perfect breasts, I decided to do a quick rope job to show them off. Ungagged then gagged, cleavegag, nice tits, topless, asian, fatigues, ski mask guy, hooded guy.

JPG Photoset: Zip file containing JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Set MikaTan1.  June 23.

Naked Captive Struggles in the Air - Rope Suspension for Blake Eden
9:28 video

Pretty little Blake is bound and gagged, standing on the bed. She mmphs and squirms like that for a few minutes before she\'s switched to an all-points suspension. She writhes and struggles and whimpers, turning this way and that, unable to ever stretch her pretty toes down to the surface. Rope bondage, purple leather slave collar, cleave gag, cloth strips on ankles, then purple leather ankle cuffs.

854x480pixel MP4 video. June 19.


Laundry Day - Nicole Oring is stuck in Bondage
43 photos

C'mon, roommate, get the laundry done or I'm gonna leave you out there all day... :)

Sundress, mini-dress, strappy high heels, bare legs, nice legs, long hair, asian, exotic, rope bondage, crotchrope, joy rope, panties, one leg up, ungagged, gagged, tapegagged, tape gag, topless, nice tits.

JPG Photoset: Zip file containing JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Set NicoleOring2.  June 16.

NeckTies and Toe-Tie - Behind the Scenes with Sabrina Rose and Lorelei
31 photos

Bedroom bondage, nude, naked, blonde, barefoot, bare feet, spreadeagle, spreadeagled, ungagged, gagged, frogtie, frogtied, open leg, pink, toe bondage, big toes tied, men's neckties, cleave gag, cleavegagged. Behind the scenes, outtakes, candid.

JPG Photoset: Zip file containing JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Set SabrinaRose3o.  June 12.

NeckTies and Toe-Tie for Sabrina Rose
45 photos

I'd wanted to do a spreadeagle like this for a while, where the knees are leashed outward. It turned out pretty cute.

Bedroom bondage, nude, naked, blonde, barefoot, bare feet, spreadeagle, spreadeagled, ungagged, gagged, frogtie, frogtied, open leg, pink, toe bondage, big toes tied, men's neckties, cleave gag, cleavegagged.

JPG Photoset: Zip file containing JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Set SabrinaRose3.  June 12.

Trapped in the Cube - Secretary Lorelei is Held Captive
10:55 video

Busty secretary Lorelei is trapped inside the dreaded Cube! It's dirty and scuffed and scary. How long will she be in there? There's only so much air, right? The bound and gagged captive whimpers and tries to squirm, but she doesn't have room to move around. Main video is followed by outtakes.

Behind the Scenes segment: I wish we'd video'd the process of getting me tied up inside the cube beforehand, because it was very crowded and difficult, but we didn't think of running the cameras at the time. I do have footage of the untying process so that you can see just how cramped it is to work inside the cube, even when the lid is off. Also the outtakes show a moment right before we started filming where you can see I'm realizing I have very little space and can't find any comfortable place to put my feet. By the way, I was sitting on two metal bolts during parts of the scene, and I wouldn't say that's ideal! Watch for the part where I'm trying to climb out of the tank and I'm getting a hard plastic wedgie. Heh.

Topless, big tits, rope bondage, tape gag, tapegagged, blouse, skirt, stockings, high heels, waist cincher, hip corset, blonde, curvy, buxom, milf, mature, ladyboss, bosslady, bondage device, box, crate, tank, cube, plexiglass, acrylic, transparent, outtakes, behind the scenes, bloopers, Studio X, Studio-X. Rigging by Jon Woods.

854x480pixel MP4 video. June 9. 


Blue Mood - Alexis Taylor in Plastic-Wrap Mummification
29 photos

Don't most robbers use duct tape?  This is quite a departure.

Mummification, mummified, wrapped, plastic wrap, kitchen wrap, saran wrap, cling wrap, big tits, topless, busty, buxom, brunette, ungagged, gagged, chair bondage, chair bound, tape gag, tapegagged, tipped chair.

JPG Photoset: Zip file containing JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Set AlexisTaylor15.  June 5.


Office Slave in Hood and Ballgag has Bondage Orgasm - Lorelei - Extra Orgasm
15:48 video

Secretary Lorelei has been fully transformed into an office slave. She's been thoroughly roped to her desk chair, seated over a big relentless vibrator. She eventually succumbs to the vibrations. Her shuddering orgasm forces all the accumulated saliva out of her mouth. Great ballgag-drool moment.

After the slave has been freed, she treats herself to an extra orgasm, even though she's still hooded.

Black spandex hood, ballgag, neck collar, corset, long gloves, topless, black stockings, ultra high heels, big breasts, big tits, chair tie, vibrator, orgasms, masturbation.

854.x480pixel MP4 video.  June 2.


Phoney Femme Alexis Taylor
36 photos

This rude young lady just couldn't seem to get off the phone. Corrections were in order.

Bedroom bondage, slip, barefoot, bare feet, brunette, rope bondage, big tits, pearls, busty, buxom, topless, see-through tape gag, tapegagged, bed bondage, phone gag.

JPG Photoset: Zip file containing JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Set AlexisTaylor16.  May 29.

DEA Bust - The Tables are Turned on Ariella Ferrera
33 photos

"Is this some kind of a bust?"

Costume, chair tie, chair bound, rope bondage, big tits, topless, busty, buxom, thigh-high boots, cleave gag, cleavegagged.  Escapee: Devon Savage.

JPG Photoset: Zip file containing JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Set AriellaFerrera2x.  May 26.

Duct-Taped Secretary Ariella Ferrera
76 photos

You've probably heard all about B&G Company and how dangerous it is to work there.   The secretaries seem to get robbed all the time!

Sexy secretary, office bondage, blouse, miniskirt, hose, heels, brunette, Latina, duct tape, purple tape, tape bondage, topless, big tits, busty, buxom, cleave gag, cleavegagged, chair bondage, chair bound, tipped chair.

JPG Photoset: Zip file containing JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Set AriellaFerrera3.  May 23.

Nudie Cutie Behind The Scenes - Ariel Anderssen and Lorelei
49 photos

Rigging, onscreen tying, on-screen, ropework, rope bondage, nude, naked, blonde, barefoot, bare feet, outtakes, behind the scenes, candid, photography, big toe bondage, big toes tied together.

JPG Photoset: Zip file containing JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Set ArielAnderssen5o.  May 19.

Nudie Cutie Fun - Ariel Anderssen Toe-Tied
58 photos

Nude bondage, naked bondage, progression, rope bondage, ungagged, gagged, cleavegagged, scarfgagged, toe bondage, big toes tied, fold tie, ball tie.

JPG Photoset: Zip file containing JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Set ArielAnderssen5.  May 19.


Foul-Mouthed Puppet Humiliates Lorelei - No Bondage
11:04 video

Hi folks!  This isn't a bondage video. It's puppet porn. I'm pretty sure it's the weirdest video I've ever made.  Please don't watch it unless you're open to seeing me do fantasy-bukkake fake-jizz wet-and-messy/splosh puppet porn.  854x480pixel MP4 video.  May 16.


Naked Frogtie with Silky Scarves for Blake Eden
6:11 video

Soft shiny slippery silken scarves restrain Blake as she writhes sensually on the bed. - - Redhead, nice tits, barefoot, bare feet, cleavegag, cleavegagged, nude, naked, pink,bedroom bondage, great body, scarves, scarf bondage, scarf gag, frog tie, frogtie, shrimp tie, sensual. - - Bondage by Lorelei.

854x480pixel MP4 video. May 15.


Bound and Felt Up 8 - Nurse Groped by Walk-In Patient - with Lorelei and Irene
12:47 video

The nurse has been left completely tied up! There are pill bottles all over the floor, so it appears someone robbed the clinic of some pain meds. Blindfolded and helpless, she struggles in chair bondage, unable to escape. But finally a patient walks in. Rescue at last! No, wait. No rescue at all... the patient can't resist taking advantage of the situation. Irene starts grabbing at the nurse's big breasts, as the nurse squeals indignantly. Irene even pulls the nurse uniform down to expose the giant mammaries for more groping and playing. Eventually Irene decides to high-tail it out the door, leaving behind the still-tied-up nurse. - - White nurse's uniform with red piping, nurse's hat, fondling, groping, female domination, topless, white corset, pantyhose, white high heels, medwrap blindfold, tape blindfold, duct tape gag, nylon rope, big tits, busty, buxom, curvy, struggling, clinic, exam room, medical, nurse costume, nurse outfit, hip corset, damsel in distress, live sound. (10 minutes.)

The scene is followed by some fun outtakes of humming behind-the-scenes and laughter from the crew. (2 minutes.)

854x480pixel MP4 video. May 12.


Ransom Captive Ready to Roll - Sara St Clair Bound and Gagged
10:07 video

Sara's tied to the chair and the chair is tied to a flatbed hand truck. A ski-masked man points to the $1,000,000 sign and then leaves the viewer to ponder how to rescue this busty blonde. Her dress is in tatters and she's been gagged with duct tape. Later on she's been blindfolded so that she won't see where she is during transport. The bad guy plans to roll her out to the car, but when he sees all the traffic he decides to stash her somewhere else instead. Rope bondage, bare feet, topless, nice tits, blonde, long hair, blindfold, tapegag, tapegagged, torn clothes, ripped clothing, outdoors, outside, chair tie, chair bondage, chair bound. Ski-masked man: Jon Woods.

854x480pixel MP4 video.  May 8.


Secretary Struggles in Tight Tape Bondage - Phoebe Queen
12:29 video

Luscious Phoebe squirms on the bed with duct tape holding her fast. She wriggles her hose-clad feet and mmphs and squeals through her tapegag. Soon she's topless, then her legs are taped doubled-up... and eventually she's taped directly to the headboard so that she can't move at all.  (We did her arms with a space in back so that we'd be able to get her really securely snugged up against the headboard for the final part.)

Scene is followed by a few fun behind-the-scenes moments.

Secretary, blouse, skirt, pantyhose, shoeless, topless, tape bondage, tape gag, tapegagged.

854x480pixel MP4 video. May 5.


Home Invasion Outtakes - Behind the Scenes with Lorelei and Jon Woods
3:51 video

From the "Home Invasion Targets Airline Staff" shoot!  Fun behind-the-scenes footage. Lots of laughter. Lorelei had to get re-gagged a few times, which you get to see.  Bloopers.

854x480pixel MP4 video. May 1.


Home Invasion Targets Airline Staff - Lorelei is Bound Gagged and Groped
20:21 video

A ski-masked man breaks in and surprises busty airline-security staffer Lorelei. Her mouth is roughly stuffed with cloth, duct tape is smeared across her face, and her limbs are secured with rope. The intruder is there to steal something special, but he has enough time along the way to pull out Lorelei's big tits and give them a good groping. Lorelei tries to stand up and inch away, but the reward for that escape attempt is that she's shoved onto a stool and roped even more thoroughly. There's nothing Lorelei can do to stop the determined burglar. Finally she's blindfolded and left all alone to squirm helplessly.

854x480pixel MP4 video. April 28.


Gagged Orgasm between Scenes - Lorelei uses Vibrator during her Break
5:27 video

I was shooting other scenes that day -- you can see props for them in the footage, such as a dildo, ropes, wardrobe -- but I took a break to give myself an orgasm. I asked Jon to tape-gag me (I like that kind of thing) and then I played with my hitachi. I wrapped a bandanna around the vibrator to keep a grip, because my hands and body were slippery with oil. This personal playtime wasn't initially intended to be filmed but Jon kept the videocams running, so here you go. (Sorry about the air-conditioning noise in the background!) I'm not particularly playing to the cameras; I eventually close my eyes and go into my own little world. I have a number of small lead-up spasms before finally enjoying a big orgasm.

854x480pixel MP4 video. April 24.


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