Princess Smorgasborg and The Baron: purveyors of fine kink to the royal court of Smorg: bondage in nylon, lycra, tights, pantyhose and leotards, for application of the straitjacket, encasement, tickling, hypnotism and other good clean adult fun and games.

High on mount Smorgasberg overlooking the sleepy town of Smorgasdorf stands the gigantic castle Smorgasborg. Home of the one hundred and seventy-seventh Princess Smorgasborg and The Baron. Purveyors of kink to the court of Smorg: bondage and tickling in nylon, tights, pantyhose, lycra and leotards. The straitjacket and dental gags applied gratis.

Princess Smorgasborg and The Baron squandered their inherited wealth. They've been forced to sell off all the antiques that filled their gigantic castle and the kinky aristocrats are living on peanuts in a tiny apartment atop the smallest tower in the North Wing. So they are forced to do what they must to earn a few Euro-dollars. On this site we can spy on their activities. Please visit the "links" section to find the "Castle Souvenir Shoppe" and other places of interest to those of us who like to follow the antics of  mad, slinky women!

Smorgasborg and The Baron have a lot of eccentric Euro-crat clients who are almost all female and love pantyhose (or "tights" as they say in Europe) nylons, Lycra and other hosiery! They have developed their own special services: Bondage Therapy, Tickle Tuition,  Hypno-Domination, and their piece de résistance, The Guantanamo Experience.  Princess Smorgasborg and The Baron: Join them and discover why they are said to be "Mad bad and fun to know".

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