• My apologies (August 11, 2017)

    I've really been trying to add new material, but the newfangled uploader is crashing on me. I've contacted the webmasters about it, so as soon as they get things fixed, we'll have some new material for you kind folks. I'll have to double or triple the amount of the first upload, so hang in there.

  • A welcome development (April 26, 2015)

    Somehow over the past few months, XsiteAbility has learned how to count. Well, how to count the photos in a Mac-produced Zip file. In the past, they counted everything twice. But now you get the right number.

    That ought to help people who buy individual sets the most. But it also helps those who just download everything to know just what they're getting.


  • Rage against the machine, indeed (April 21, 2015)

    After getting back to the site, I discovered that a lot of things I thought wouldn't change had changed. The automation here ruined all the thumbnails, so I've been updating them to give you folks a clear idea of what the pictures ... and models ... look like.

    Also, there are some odd glitches in text. The copyright symbol gets corrupted rather randomly. So, I've been trying to make the text look better, too.

    In the course of the changes, I've been going from the most recent back into the earliest items put on the site. So, if you stumble across something that hasn't been fixed, it soon will be. And if you come back and it isn't right, please message me at and I'll do my best to make it work.

    I understand the site is in line for a conversion to a mobile system that will see what kind of device you're using and adjust the display to fit the device. Computer, laptop, tablet or phone, the system is supposed to make the switches flawlessly. The switch hasn't happened yet, but it's something that ought to make life easier for everybody.

    Thanks for visiting, and here's hoping you enjoy your time at femmeXotique.




  • Back in the saddle... (April 20, 2015)

    It's been awhile since I've been able to get the site updated. Life got in the way. However, I'm back on my feet, shooting and producing new, fun things for you to enjoy.

    Some of the new models are Justice Lee, Bound Kajira (just Kajira except on FetLife), Charlie Kristine, Thrush and Jackie Irish. Along with them, we have material from some of your favorites. There's more from Calista, Dollfacedeadsy, Kristyne Dark, Betty Jaded, Gia and Scarlite Marie, just to name a few.

    Look for the updates. Here's hoping you like them lots.

    Oh, and I've found some video from Sherry Stunns and Kristyne Dark (not together, unfortunately) that needs to be edited and posted.

    Thanks to all who supported the site in my absence. Things should pick up here from now on.

  • First shoot in Tucson (May 20, 2012)

    Last week, I got to do my first shoot here in Tucson. The ever-elegant Cherry Spice came to the new digs and enjoyed herself with some of the new props and locations. We\'ll put up a sampling next weekend, so you get to see some of the talent here in the Southwest.

    Truly, things have changed. So much sun, so much light, so much heat. It changes how you do everything. In a good way!

  • A change is gonna come... (February 8, 2012)

    In March, femmeXotique is moving to Tucson. But don\'t worry. There will be regular updates during the transition. We\'ve got enough stuff in the can to allow us to do that and to make sure you\'ll get the same content you\'ve been getting.

    But it does mean you can probably expect some new style material once the change is done. Who knows what type of wonderful fetish divas we\'ll find out there, and what kind of vistas we\'ll be able to explore.

    Things will be different, but we\'ll still be looking for talent, and we\'ll still be giving you that constant stream of fetish goodness. Stay tuned for more.

  • New previews ... and a disclaimer (January 14, 2012)

    XsiteAbility, the company that provides hosting for this site, has added some new features, including the option of viewing thumbnails of all the images in individual updates.

    Unfortunately, they don\'t know how to calculate images from a Zip file that\'s made on a Mac. The file contains a database that helps the computer that\'s unzipping the file keep everything in order. So, XsiteAbility\'s server reads that database and each item in it in addition to the images.

    What happens is that a 50-image update will appear to be 101. That\'s wrong. The number of thumbnails you see in the preview is the number that you\'ll get in the download.

    Still, I love that people get to see a sampling of what they\'ll get. The downloaded images are larger and far more detailed. But the samples show you that each one fits the story. Here\'s hoping you enjoy the improvement in the site.

  • Do you wanna know a secret? (August 20, 2011)

    Next week, Kristyna Dark is scheduled to visit femmeXotique. We\'ve got a few special treats in mind for her. And no, she doesn\'t know what they are, so don\'t tell her. This is just between us.

    One of the members asked for a mummification set, so I figure KD will be perfect for it. She doesn\'t mind vibrators in the least. So, we\'re planning on attaching one between her legs and then starting the process of wrapping her up tight. Of course, we won\'t give her any fun until she\'s fully encased. In the meantime, we\'ll have to give her some other sensations to savor.

    Remember: Don\'t breathe a word of it to her. She\'s on the road and doesn\'t have internet access, so I\'m pretty sure she won\'t be peeking!

  • Thanks to Sandra Silvers (August 16, 2011)

    She\'s got one of my galleries of Dragon Lily up on her site, which prompted lots of folks to come and visit. Thanks a lot, Sandra, for the support. It\'s much appreciated.

  • Some bonus material this week (June 30, 2011)

    We\'ve got some new Crystal Frost material online today (Thursday), a few days before the regular update. Why? Because we promised it.

    Sunday\'s update was from the early days of the site, so we needed to give you kind folks something extra.

    Last week, we were working with Andrea MJM, so there wasn\'t time to put together a new set. This is our \"sorry\" and \"thank you for sticking out\" set to make sure you get what you deserve.

    And getting what she deserved is exactly what happened to Crystal in this update. Her breasts are squashed by gigantic carpentry clamps, her ass is smacked by a slapper and a flogger, her breasts, thighs and pussy are attacked with a riding crop.

    All in all, just another day at the office for Crystal.

    Here\'s hoping y\'all enjoy. And look for a regular update next Sunday, too.

  • In the moment (June 6, 2011)

    It\'s amazing how often we miss opportunities. But the set of photos uploaded today as a bonus was one I just couldn\'t pass up.

    Kat was a champion-class body builder. She had been working the entire gamut of that, including magazine and TV appearances. But she was tiring of the on-point effort of maintaining the persona. At heart, she\'s a down-to-earth person with lots more than muscle to offer.

    Earlier, she had succumbed to the siren call of bondage, and we did a lovely set that totally stunned her boyfriend. She had never submitted to him, but we got her to play the role of a captive princess, giving us a different look at the muscle maven.

    Now, she was paying us back for doing shoots for her site and promotional efforts that tapped into her pretty side. And we weren\'t going to let this chance pass by, even though some food poisoning was making us less than steady of hand or stomach.

    A few work lights, a San Francisco dungeon and Kat provided all that was necessary.

    We worked until late, late in the night, but that was a small price to pay to get one of Kat\'s last tough-girl shoots. Hope y\'all enjoy. Indeed, savor the moment as much as we did.

  • What a fun week this was (April 17, 2011)

    A member\'s request for more Traci Tropics sent everybody scurrying to uncover any images that might have been misplaced when a LaCie hard drive coughed and gave up the ghost awhile back.

    Surprisingly, there were some images of Traci lurking in the stash of CDs. While searching for her, we discovered lots more material that we think people will enjoy.

    Syn DeVil, Mina, Kelly, Aye Provide, Sabrina, Giovanna, Sharon, Kendra and Chrystyne\'s dungeon pets all have more material to offer.

    Rediscovering \"lost\" material is great, but the fact is the bigger challenge is editing all that stuff and preparing it for presentation on the site.

    As with this weekend, from time to time we\'ll be going back to bring in some old material and some new. The archive material will generally be uploaded on Saturdays, when available. Newer content will continue to show up on Sundays.

    There\'s a big move afoot at femmeXotique. More about that later, but in the meantime, it looks like some of the updates in June, July and August will have to be on autopilot.

    Don\'t think that means we don\'t pay attention to requests, because we do. After all, it was a request that uncovered a treasure trove we thought was lost.

    So, thanks to the loyal folks who have kept this place going.

  • What a memory (March 6, 2011)

    Most shoots for femmeXotique are memorable, but the one with Mia (see Training Mia) was as memorable for what happened afterward as it was for the shoot itself.

    Don\'t get me wrong. Mia was a revelation. I had gone to the Syracuse area to shoot with another model, one who blew off the shoot to go to Florida. Flakes are an occupational hazard, but flaking on a paid shoot is truly annoying.

    Anyway, at the shoot with Mia, I had expected this rather glam ice princess. All her photos had been in that direction. Instead, I found an incredibly warm, adventurous woman who was willing to explore all sorts of areas of sensuality.

    (As you may guess, we did have other shoots later.)

    Because all of us were wrapped up in shooting, we didn\'t pay quite enough attention to the weather. So, when it came time to leave, there was a winter storm warning in effect.

    Frankly, I wondered what it was all about most of the way back to Ohio. All through New York, there were spots of snow, areas of clear roads and fast-moving traffic.

    However, west of Buffalo, things started to change. And between the end of the NY turnpike and Cleveland, the storm hit in all its fury. You couldn\'t see more than 100 feet in any direction. Besides that, I was driving a Mitsubishi Gallant, a front-drive car with lots of power but not exactly spectacular drivability in a snow/ice event.

    One way to get by was to drive on the right side, where lots of trucks had been. But that bounced the little car all over the road. So, the left lane it was, at least when there was nobody in an SUV wanting to go faster.

    Just past Erie, the scariest moment happened. The winds were whipping a load of ice and snow off of a big rig just ahead of me. With no way to swerve out of the way, I just had to watch as a huge chunk of ice came flying straight at my windshield. Luckily, it struck just above the windshield, rocking the car and causing me to slow considerably.

    All I could think between Erie and Youngstown was that I would be getting out of the car to find a shattered sunroof or a huge dent in the roof of the car. But I kept on driving, knowing there was nothing I could do about it if things had gone wrong.

    When I hit U.S. 11, going south, the weather began to ease. Ironically, the roads were perhaps slicker than on the Interstate. So, the safe speed was even less. Yet, the lessening snow was a relief. You could see what was ahead now.

    The little Galant proved itself here, keeping me on the road as I passed vehicle after vehicle that had spun out and landed in the median or off the road altogether. Somewhere just north of Youngstown, the storm had abated, the roads were clear and the trip could be finished in relative peace.

    Still, I was dreading what I would find when I exited the car at home. Much to my surprise, I found absolutely nothing wrong with the car. Before the block of ice hit it, the car had been covered by a thick coating of ice, which acted as armor. All the energy from that collision was absorbed in the ice and transferred seemingly throughout the vehicle, hence the abrupt slowing and shuddering of the entire car. Yet, the chunk just bounced off my car with no visible damage.

    Still, I have no plans of driving through another storm like that, in a vehicle of any size. The \"adventure\" makes the photos of Mia all the more memorable. Yet, I can think of many better ways to keep memories alive.

  • Your weekend update! (January 23, 2011)

    This week, Alli discovers the joys of submission. What put us in the giving mood this week, to do two updates? Why, the cold weather, of course, which left us thinking that you deserved something to warm up with. And for those of you who aren\'t in the ice belt, you deserve a little fun, too.

  • Warming things up (January 21, 2011)

    These days, there\'s too much snow and cold going on here, so we thought we\'d warm things up with a little bonus waxing fun and games we had with Meg. Enjoy, and think warm thoughts.

  • Weekly, regular, dependable (September 12, 2010)

    That\'s what we\'re striving for with the updates on femmeXotique. However, when it\'s cooling off and people aren\'t spending as much time outdoors, we sometimes sneak in some \"specials.\"

    Keep a close eye on the site for some mini-updates during the week, to go along with the weekend updates.

    Speaking of updates, this week we enjoy Kayce and Lori. They\'re a couple of girls from D.C. who were thinking about doing a Web site. Well, they did start it, but they didn\'t have the patience to keep it up.

    So, what you\'re left with is the pictures, here. They\'re an exceptional pair in that everything they did was totally real. No pretending for the camera. When they were into something, they really showed it. And when they weren\'t, well, if they went along anyway, you could tell.

    There\'s lots more of Kayce and Lori, together and separately, that we\'ll be introducing.

  • Tighter IZ better... (September 5, 2010)

    That\'s the name Je C goes by on FetLife, and she means it. We were lucky enough to get her into town for a shoot last week, so we just HAD to rush a set onto the site.

  • Oh, what fun! (August 29, 2010)

    Today, we added another bondage diva to the site. Samantha was a glam queen, but we pushed her bondage buttons really nicely.

    But truth be told, the real excitement is what you\'ll see next week. We got Dollyesque from Fetlife to come here to femmeXotique for a photo shoot that really put her on display. New set, new props, new model.

    We\'ll be putting the set together this week. Her master helped out with some video, so we\'ll also be bringing you a little video of Dolly\'s experience later on.

    We\'re looking forward to sharing this one with you. Hope you\'re going to come back for more.

  • We promised you new (August 22, 2010)

    So, here it is, the first of a long line of brand-new content, never seen here or anywhere.

    This time, it\'s our introduction to Sister Dee, who got herself excited even before we tied her up.

    This is one beautiful and tough bondage babe. If you\'re going to play with her, bring you A game.

  • Ah, domestic tranquility (August 15, 2010)

    This is a little editorial commentary about this week\'s set, Jenni Lee in Shibari ties at home, on her staircase.

    The scene was a lot of fun to shoot, particularly since she and her significant other did all the work. Even the cats helped out. Well, sorta.

    For anybody who thinks bondage girls only get tied up for photos, this was a fun slice of domestic tranquility where Jenni would ask for Matt to come and tie her. He\'d comply and go back to his games. In the background, you could hear screams from a a bondage site feed.

    Meanwhile, Jenni was smiling and lolling about in the sun, unable to move much at all. And certainly unable to escape the furry critters who wanted to play.

    Ever wanted to be treated like furniture? Just let the kittens out when you\'re going to be all tied up!

  • Spending the summer (August 8, 2010)

    While the XSiteAbility folks were enjoying FetCon, we were working away on more updates and some brand new slaves.

    One lovely lady goes by Dollyesque on FetLife. She literally gave up her ass for the cause.

    Another, who goes by xxxblue \'cause she loves porn and the color blue, did her first bondage photo shoot for us. She\'s a little round thing with great expressions and a superb appreciation for pain.

    So, you see that we\'re always looking for new faces, bodies and asses to present for your enjoyment.

    Those are just a couple of the new people we have to share with you in the coming weeks.

  • Get your own! (July 29, 2010)

    Have you ever dreamed about being in fetish photos, but you didn\'t want your face plastered all over Web sites? Did you ever want to get professional photos (or videos) of yourself and your significant other, enjoying your particular kink? It\'s possible to do so now. Just use our contact page to get in touch. Let us know what kind of shoot you\'d like, and we\'ll be back in touch to work out a package. As long as the material is consensual and legal, we\'ll be happy to do the images and prepare them for you. Click the link. Share your dream. Let it become reality.

  • It\'s Iris\'s turn! (July 25, 2010)

    That little minx has been waiting a long time for her time on femmeXotique. We shot with her twice, so this is a combination of some of the highlights. Later on, we may delve into some of the scenes so you\'ll see just how much of a beautiful, dirty wench she can be!

    But for now, enjoy the best-of moments from Iris\' abuse at two different locations.

  • Southbound is here! (July 22, 2010)

    Signing in to XSiteAbility is always a treat, with new folks showing up all the time. Lo and behold, I sign in today, and there\'s my buddy Southbound, with his groovy stuff on XSiteAbility. You can get there by clicking on his banner on my links page.

  • This week, Jenni Lee; next week??? (July 18, 2010)

    Every week, we\'ve been adding content to femmeXotique, making sure that there\'s a good flow of more content. But, frankly, all this content was produced some time back. That doesn\'t mean it isn\'t new to viewers, but it isn\'t brand new here at femmeXotique. What hasn\'t been obvious is that we\'ve been working with a bunch of other models for content that\'s never been seen anywhere and is much newer. (Some of the older material has never been made public before, either.) So, who can you expect to see in coming weeks? The list includes Iris, a sweet little thing who has been wildly popular on Monica\'s sites. We\'ve also got some rope work and other bondage with Model T. And Crystal Frost showed up here as part of her comeback plan. If you have some preferences of who you\'d like to see, feel free to give a shout. Just e-mail us at

  • A strong update! (July 11, 2010)

    This week, we\'re taking a long, hard look at Kat, the bodybuilder queen who once ran her own porn site. These days, she\'s out of the public eye for the most part, but that isn\'t stopping you from enjoying that tight body and beautiful face.

  • Happy Fourth! And a special treat (July 4, 2010)

    This week, we added a set of Estelle, a wonderful little redhead, undergoing her first zipper. Why this set? The zipper was blue and white pins, with a red cord. (Anybody else see the patriotic motif?)

    Meanwhile, the dungeon has had some visitors lately. We played host to Crystal Frost, who is making a return to fetish modeling.

    And Dark Sorrow showed up to try out some of her tricks on video. We sent her home, literally hobbled from so many orgasms. That will be a video update in the near future.

    Just because the site was truncated for awhile is no sign that the shooting ever stopped.

    We have a couple of visits from Leigh, a lady whose appetite for experiences belies her age (66 this year). You may be shocked at how great she looks ... and at her full-body tats.

    It\'s going to be a fun summer here. We hope you\'ll stick around for the ride.

  • Here we go again! (June 29, 2010)

    It\'s been awhile since the real femmeXotique was let out to play, so we\'re delighted to say that the unfettered version has come back to life.

    With the assistance of, we\'re able to offer all the material we\'ve been working on, both the vintage stuff that includes some of the best BDSM models ever and the newer that includes many of the up-and-comers. Besides, you\'ll get to see what we\'ve been up to while femmeXotique was AWOL! Let\'s just say these women are far, far more uninhibited than when the site was started.

    Meanwhile, we\'re featuring those ladies who decided to give BDSM a try. Some loved it, some hated it. But they all gave it their best effort, for you. That means you\'ll have the best of both worlds: the lovely women who are oh, so refined ... as well as those who, well, aren\'t.

    We hope you enjoy the site and come back for more. Regular updates of enticing females being tied and tortured will be your reward if you do!

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