• Need a New FinSub (October 6, 2015)

    I need a new Financial Submissive for mani/pedi's. Serious applications only. Largest tribute wins. You can tribute here or you can use the options below.


    US Pigs: Google Wallet Email to

    Non-US Pigs: Amazon Spa Finder Email to

    Please include your twitter ID in the notes or subject line.


    In exchange for being my FinSub, I will answer your DMs on Twitter and send you sweet tormenting messages and pictures customized to your favorite fetish (within reason and legality).


    I am the sensually Dominant, sadistic girl-next-door. The Golden Goddess of your dreams. My seductive charm will lead you down a path of mind-fuckery you will never recover from. Surrender to your fetish desires as I provoke your needs, and hold you captive under My spell. Confess your dirty little secrets, while I tease and torment you until there's nothing left.




    I'll take you to the EDGE.....


  • WHERE DO WE DRAW THE LINE?! (September 5, 2015)

    I'm not typically prone to public rants, but the recent change-over of KinkLive to Flirt4Free has me outraged. 


    WHERE DO WE DRAW THE LINE?! One of the more popular and profitable webcam sites on the internet,, has recently decided to merge with, and low and behold, our pay cut has changed dramatically. Last time I checked, we are the talent. We are the reason you have customers and fans. Yet, with KinkLive, we were begrudgingly accepting a 60% cut of the money. That's 30% if you are doing a two-person cam show. With the merger, we are now receiving a 30% solo cut, with a possible additional 20% if we get all of our fans to sign up with our designated code... that seems sooo unlikely and makes us compete with each other.


    So now for the fans, when you give your $100 tribute/tip to see a fetish performed, the model only gets $30, and if it's a two person show, they get a mere $15. What do you think that means for what we will charge to simply put on nipple clamps or flash panties, or put on a diaper? Well, since the models set the prices for the shows, that means you will be paying more money for the same services. In the next few days, I suspect you will be outraged as well, and you should be. By following us to these sites, you are ultimately the ones suffering in this transition. For me, I will not be joining Flirt4Free. I just can't see the benefit. I do have skype sessions available on this site, and I will be offering them at the same rate as my private cam shows from KinkLive, since my pay cut is still desirable here on my own website.


    For the models, I ask: where do we draw the line? When can we be outraged? When do we say FUCK YOU?! We just keep taking these pay changes and low percentages, and say, "Well, it's still money, and I can work from home". Why do we keep selling ourselves short? Why aren't we actively seeking out higher paying sites and actually telling each other where to find them? It's like each individual model is an island, and there are oceans of silence between us. We should be screaming and demanding loudly as a group. I challenge each of you to tweet and retweet this link, to comment, to make your voice heard, to call out these a-holes and say, "We deserve better".


    As fetish models, we are expected to praise producers and sites where we hope to make money. This makes us seem happy, glamorous and appealing to fans, who follow us to these sites. So, when a large company drops a giant freaking turd on our faces, we just keep quiet and hope it will get better out of fear of seeming like a bitch or cranky or unappealing. Well, after two nights of tossing and turning, and basically a dare from a trusted friend, I'm breaking my silence.

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