• 3.9.2016 (March 9, 2016)

    It has been a few weeks since my last blog post. I’m still trying to get in the habit of updating this regularly. There have been quite a few things that have happened since the last post. Bad stuff first! A few weeks ago we noticed an odd wound on Parker’s head. (Parker is our 8-year-old lab/pit mix) The vet first thought it was an abscess but when it wouldn’t heal properly we had it surgically removed and tested. The test results came back and Parker was diagnosed with stage 5 lymphoma. Our only treatment option is to give him steroids and hope that it shrinks the lymph nodes to prolong his life. Currently, we are spoiling him like crazy. He is getting an abundance of love, rolling around in the sun -Spring temperatures are finally here! -  and food. 

    So the good stuff! We recently shot with two of our fans favorite models; Johannie and Enchantress Sahrye. Johannie had a visit with the corrupt detective, which is currently up on Tight and Shiny Bondagettes.


     I'm working on a new series for Office Perils c4s – it will be released on a little later. The new series features legs, pantyhose, pov  interaction, and lots of struggling in bondage. Enchantress Sahrye was the first model we shot the series with and she was not very happy with Mr. Smith.  Here is a little preview from my twitter - and a BTS photo.


    That is about all I can say for now ;) 

    To see more BTS videos from our shoots with Johannie and Enchantress Sahrye, check out David's twitter. He generally posts little BTS video scenes on the days we shoot.

    I am half-way through this semester of college. The semester has been good so far. A lot of homework but I have a good grasp on it. I have to maintain that “A+” average, after all.  School work and doing the clip work for, office perils c4s, tight and shiny c4s, and nylon obsession c4s keeps me pretty busy. I’m trying to find more downtime to enjoy the weather and just relax in general but I’m not the type of person that likes to be idle. Well, unless I’m indulging in my guilty pleasure of watching anime. (haha) 

    There are a few fans that have been spoiling me with pantyhose gifts, lately. I beyond appreciate it their kindness. If you are a fan of pantyhose make sure you are following me on twitter; @LizzAndrews. I post pantyhose selfies from time-to-time and especially so when I’m being treated. Also, check the office perils shop for worn pantyhose if you’d like something of mine. 

    I believe that is all for now. I’m currently working on the older office perils material to be uploaded to I hope you enjoy seeing some of the first D.I.D clips we did!

    Until next time,

    Elizabeth Andrews


  • Interview for Rope Dreams (February 21, 2016)

    Rope Dreams is a yahoo group that is ran by an awesome guy named Rob. Recently I did an interview for him for his yahoo group. I've decided to also share it with you guys. If you want to see lots of pictures by different models and producers, I urge you to join his group!


    1.         Describe your very first times tied up both off camera and on camera? 

    The first time I was tied up off camera was when I was 18-years-old. I had known David a short time and we decided to try something simple, just a tape tie on the bed, no gag, to see if I enjoyed it. 

    My first on camera experience was with Grit from Bound and Hosed in 2001, right before I turned 19. We did a multitude of different scenarios and ties involving pantyhose, rope, and/or tape. I don’t remember specifics of the ties since it was almost 14 years ago. But, it was a good first experience for me because I was able to be myself and just enjoy the bondage. I knew nothing of acting or even how to put on make-up at that point. The experience was positive enough I decided to contact bondage producers in the northeast and give modeling a try.

     2.         What is it about your work that you think makes you so popular with your fans?

    I think fans like that the fetishes I portray in my work are fetishes that I have in real life. I think my love of bondage, pantyhose, high heels, and latex really comes across in my work. I also think some of my long-time fans like that they have basically watched me go from 18-year-old Cara Mia to 33-year-old Elizabeth Andrews. 

     3.        Do you enjoy the pain elements that factor into some aspects of bondage modeling?  And, if so, why?

    No, I’m definitely not into pain.

     4.         Is your family supportive of your bondage modeling?

    I told my father that I was going to start bondage modeling after my shoot with Grit. He was supportive of the idea. I have an Aunt and an Uncle who have a D/s relationship, so of course they were fine with it. David’s family is supportive of my modeling and it is nice not to have to hide what I do for a living from them.

     5.         What has bondage modeling taught you about yourself and other people?

    It has taught me how supportive people can be and how selfish they can be. It has personally taught me how to deal with different personalities and how having common passions can bring people together.

     6.         Are you very selective about with whom you work? How do you decide whom to model for or with?

    Honestly, I am. I mostly stick with bondage photography/videography because that is what I am best at doing. Cheesecake posing has always seemed so foreign to me, even though, I am getting more comfortable with non-bondage posing with my Nylon Obsession store. When it comes down to deciding which bondage producers I want to work for, it depends on if I like their rigging, their wardrobe style, their overall product, and if I can handle their type of bondage.

     7.        With the 50 Shades of Grey movie bringing bondage into the mainstream media, some people have commented that BDSM represents an abusive relationship? How would you respond to people who make statements like that?

     I would respond by telling them that they need to make an attempt to understand the dynamics of a bdsm relationship before making generalizations about a group of people.

     8.                 Have you, at any time in your modeling career, ever felt exploited?

    Absolutely not.

     9.         How does the bondage modeling industry compare now to how it was when you began your career as a bondage model?

    It has changed in quite a few ways. When I began to bondage model there wasn’t the plethora of models there are today. There were fewer bondage producers back then as well. The content was more photography based with a short video highlight, unlike today where it is mostly video based.

     10.       Out of all the bondage shoots you've done, which was the most memorable? And which was the most fun? And please tell us why they were most memorable and fun.

    The most memorable shoot I had was my first shoot with Dominic Wolfe. I was a bit nervous because I was a big fan of Dominic Wolfe’s and we were about to do our first bondage dance. Now, Dominic is one my favorite producers to work with.

    My most fun shoot was the fan photo shoot at fetish con 2013. Just being tied up and being silly with Madalynn Raye and Serene Isley and being to share that with fans was great.

     11.       Is there a shoot you have not done yet that is on your "bucket list"?  If yes, please tell us what it is.

    I wanted to shoot for Leg Show magazine but they went out of circulation before I could.

     12.       Why the change from Cara Mia to Elizabeth Andrews?

      I took a hiatus from modeling in 2006/2007 because my real-life job was taking up too much of my time. In 2009, I learned that the company I managed for was starting to have financial troubles. I thought it would be a good idea to get back into modeling and start producing my own work until I found another job. David had started producing some videos with Serene Isley and had chosen the name David Andrews. It only made sense to me to come back as Elizabeth Andrews, since we are married. And plus, Elizabeth is my real name. 

     13.       What is it about pantyhose that makes them such a key aspect of your bondage work?

     David and I both have a big fetish for hosiery. When we first got together, it was always thigh highs because that was his favorite. I was never a huge fan of thigh highs because I have thick legs and they would never stay up on my thighs. I switched to pantyhose in my early 20s and have been pretty obsessed ever since. (Thus the name of my nylon store - Nylon Obsession). I love the way they feel, the way they look, the way they sound, basically everything about them! To me, legs will always look better with pantyhose than without. 

     14.       What else do you want your fans to know about you and your work?

     In regard to our work, in August we opened a new membership site, A lot of fans wanted a membership site that didn't revolve around our clips site and had downloadable content. It is a mixture of clips from our office perils and tight and shiny bondagettes clips stores. I also share some of our photos from model shoots and private pictures before we produced videos. We also opened the Nylon Obsession clips store this summer. It is a place I can share my non-bondage pantyhose and high heels fantasies. 

     15.       What advice do you have for models who hope to enjoy the longevity you've enjoyed in the bondage modeling industry?

    Be nice to your fans, stay out of drama, be yourself, and show your passions.

  • How did you get into bondage modeling? (February 20, 2016)

    Welcome to Office Perils! I thought I would try out the blogging feature on the site. I'm not sure I will be good at it, but we will see how it plays out. Let's start out with some background information on how I got into bondage modeling. 

    I'm Elizabeth Andrews. I was first introduced to bondage by David Andrews when I was 18. When we first started dating I let him tie me up so I could experience it and see if I liked it or not. It was an interesting experience. I felt slightly stupid for letting some guy I had just started dating tie me up, but I also enjoyed the sensation of being bound. As our relationship progressed so did the bondage, I really liked strappados and ballgags. I adored the extreme high heels, corsets, pencil skirts, and mostly the latex. Before meeting David I didn't wear a lot of high heels, especially not stilletos. It was the early 2000's and the thick block heel was in style. (I can't believe I ever wore those!) Because I wasn't amazing in high heels David and I did some high heel training. I would wear a pair of extreme high heels and he would blindfold me and walk me around the room. He would strappado me after we did some walking around our bedroom (we had a huge bedroom at the time) and I would spend what felt like hours practicing my balance.

    Here is a picture of some of the high heels I use to practice in.


    One day, while David had me tied up, I agreed to let him take my picture. I used it as my profile picture on my bondagechik2000 yahoo profile. Grit from Bound and Hosed saw my profile and asked me if I was interested in doing some bondage modeling. I was taken aback. Someone wanted me to model bondage for them? Grit didn't live too far from me so I agreed to the shoot. I choose the name Cara Mia initially because that was David's nickname for me. At the Grit shoot we did mostly video, some rope bondage and some tape bondage, lots of pantyhose and nylon hoods. 

    I actually have a photo from our initial bondage shoot. 


    I really enjoyed the shoot with Grit so I decided to reach out to a few other producers to see if they would be interested in working with me. The summer of 2001, I went to New York and shot with I also stopped by and shot with Bindher, Vesta, and Genesis.

    Here are some pictures from those shoots.

    I had a lot of fun going on a bondage tour and decided that I would continue to bondage model. I wasn't able to travel to work with other producers often, so David and I started a yahoo group where we would share pictures of our bondage escapades. Some of you may have been members of it! Well, that is the story of how I started bondage modeling. Perhaps next week I'll talk about the conception of Office Perils and Tight and Shiny. If there is anything you would like to know, you can ask me on twitter @LizzAndrews, on tumblr - or send me an e-mail. I'll do a special blog update and answer fan questions. I hope you enjoyed my first blog post!



    Elizabeth Andrews 


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