Never been pinched...

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Never been tied, never been roped, never been gagged.

But she would be!

She called herself Invisible Skittle, but most of us call her Skitz for short. When she agreed to meet for a shoot, she admitted that she had zero experience with bondage, clamps, rope, etc., etc.

What she did have was an intense curiosity. What else do you need?

First, Skitz would be a show-off, to learn about exposing her body to the camera and enjoying it. Let's face it. Skitz is endowed with some marvelous breasts, the kind that many women spend thousands to acquire. To say that she enjoys having such luscious cleavage is an understatement.

But she'd never put those fun bags on display before, and she was a bit nervous. See the pink in her face when she's exposing those puppies for the first time? That's because she was blushing.

The solution for that is to give her something else to think about. So, we started with the XXXX collar. Each of its points provides an alternate point of interest, which got her attention away from her exposed skin.

Now, it was time to play.

First came some mild clamps for those lovely nipples. She was shocked by how much they pinched. Of course, we told her to blame herself, because her breasts were so fully packed that the clamps had to be tightened to stay on. (That became self-evident when one of them popped off!) Clamping them back even tighter produced a gutteral scream from Skitz. Her face reddened all over again, and she found herself nearly in tears.

What to do, what to do? Oh, we took them off (and didn't tell her they were coming back). A nice length of black rope helped to hold up the magnificent breasts, squeezing them tightly and pushing them forward.

Again, she was pretty surprised at the feelings, which were totally foreign to her. Being objectified, gagged and manipulated was all brand new.

Gradually, it became evident that she wasn't going to be able to hold her drool anymore, so she was given permission to let it out. Playing with the gag and letting drool run down her chin, Skitz became uncontrollably amused by her inability to control her situation.

She eventually calmed down when told to get her posture right and to move around in the light. Then, we removed her ropes, revealing some nice, if mild, rope marks all over.

As she came down from the session, she couldn't stop smiling. Skitz had found a brand new kink, and she loved it.

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