Mia gets another lesson

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This is Mother's Day, so let's enjoy a mother who decided she liked her first foray into bondage, so this time she was ready for a challenge. Her challenge? Keep track of orgasms. This set comes from the time frame of her first three.

Just take a look at that punked-out, arrogant look she showed up wearing. Does that look like a proper mom? Nope. And that's what made Mia wonderful. She enjoyed our shoots because she craved exploring that sensual side of herself ... whether it was pain, pleasure or a mixture.

It didn't take long to figure out that turning her upside down just made her dizzy, so we altered her position for maximum orgasmic impact. Just holding the vibrator to her clit as she was helpless on the inversion table got her going. More than anything, she wanted to grab that thing and shove it in, but no. Her wish was not our command.

After the first couple of orgasms, we detached her from the table and handcuffed her with her elbows held back by a large bamboo pole. She could not quite reach her pussy, so we gave her the task of holding the vibe on her clit. That turned out to be pretty tough, so we took over the duty ... and she got her third for the evening.

You might be able to tell by those ball-shaped nipples that her excitement level was still high. But the results of further attention are the subjects of another set. Come back for more Mia.

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