Athame and Mia's date night

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Athame and Muse Mia had had a long day already when they got to femmeXotique. Their time together had made them a bit frisky, though, so Athame wanted to get her hands all over Mia. That, apparently, was just fine with Mia.

The exploration began nicely enough, but it didn't take long for Athame to have Mia out of that jacket (so in the way). Putting a collar and, later, cuffs on Mia made it clear what kind of a date this would be.

Mia remained compliant through it all, accepting some tickling, some punishment, some exposure, some groping ....

Eventually, Athame decided it was time she got hers. She left Mia on the bed for a moment and returned with a plan in mind. She plopped herself atop Mia and just XXXX her pussy into Mia's face. The little lady just licked and licked as if her life depended on it. Then, as Athame raised up a bit, Mia held on to those lips with her mouth, stretching out the contact to get the last little taste of pussy out of them. Which, of course, put Athame over the top.

Date night at femmeXotique can be a lot of fun.

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