Leahnim's weight training

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Little Leahnim came to my hotel room during a business trip I was on. She was there to entertain, and that she did. There's no need to go into all the things she went through now, but this vignette is just one of her bits of training that was strictly for my entertainment.

She had come in with a nice, dressy jacket and some lovely stockings and heels. Unfortunately for the photos I had planned, the rest of her outfit was useless. So, she stripped down to the basics and I dressed her up with some nipple clamps and a pussy clamp with a nice, hefty weight attachec.

The little lady loved showing off, so this was going pretty well. Or at least that's how she felt. It didn't take long for her to find out this might be a little more devious than she originally thought.

First, she was instructed to lift the weight out of her stockings. The clamps were to her outer lips, so she was told to drop the weight to see if her clamps would come off. Of course, they did ... much to her distress and relief. That obviously wasn't enough, so the next round had them attachec to her inner lips, so she could really stretch them for the pictures. As she swung the weight back and forth, the clamps came closer and closer to falling off, but they just wouldn't do it. So she had to pull them off, herself.

The rest of the weighty work was done on her nippes. First, I yanked off the little ones and re-attached the heavy, weighted ones on the waiting nipples. Dropping the weight only did half the job, so she had to finish it with a good strong yank.

Leahnim remembers this as not being too bad. However, her body said otherwise. Her flushed pussy and face as well as her panting in pain made clear that these little pinches in all the right places did matter.

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