Do not mess with Santa

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Kendra should have known better than to put on that "Mrs. Claus" outfit. She's no Mrs. Claus, and she knew it.

But she WAS cute with that outfit on, and after awhile her antics got Santa ready to have some fun.

Rather than worry about how naughty or nice Kendra was being, he rustled around in the toy box until he found his favorite cuffs and clamps, perfect for decorating Kendra's pale skin.

First, he got her to pose in the green room where he kept his bondage cross. Then, he got her into the appropriate situation where he could cuff her to the chains. That kept her in place and gave her a little shock to the system. When Santa grabbed the fancy panties and yanked them off of her, she knew her game was coming apart fast.

First, clover clamps on the sensitive nipples. But she whined and moaned so much he transferred them to her pussy lips. That quieted her right down, and then Santa finished wrapping up the scene with chains connecting clit and nipples.

Yep, what a lovely sight to see. Kendra all wrapped up in "tinsel."

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