Alessa pays for services rendered

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Alessa Snow need photos. Her manager sent her over to get some. She had a choice. Pay for the photos or do an S&M shoot for me. She took the latter approach.

So, we got set up ... and the damn lights wouldn't worked. I had just moved, and some of the gear wasn't re-tested in the new area. Thus, it was necessary to make do with some old-fashioned methods of shooting.

Being such a trouper, Alessa didn't let that bother her in the least. She soldiered through the nipple clamps, the nipple clamps on the pussy, even more nipple clamps ...

Basically, she just kept absorbing more and more pain, sometimes grinning for no good reason. Finally, we found something that didn't make her grin. The C-clamp on the pussy wasn't so bad when she was lying down, but getting up was torture. She thought things were getting better when she was allowed to take it off. Then she thought things were getting far, far worse when I put it on her tongue.

What do you do for such a lovely sub at the end? Why, a wonderful orgasm, of course.

Too bad Alessa doesn't seem to be shooting right now. Maybe she'd like one of my new vibrators.

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