Maddy's pins and more

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As a denizen of Tucson, Maddy hasn't delved as deeply into BDSM as she has desired, but in her first visit to femmeXotique, she got to experience a little of what she craves.

First, we tied her up in black rope, including a nifty reverse prayer. (Flexi girls are great.) Then, we pinned her all over with brand new clothespins, you know, the ones that pinch the most.

Slowly removing the pins was more torture than putting them on, and Maddy's face tells the story. Especially when she was cussing her right nipple for being so sensitive. You'll see her reaction when, after removing all the pins, we put the two right back on her nipples. Great moment in her learning curve: Don't admit your weakness unless you want it exploited.

A little sensory experience with the wheel, some quick thwacks with a cane on the boobs and butt ... You know, the usual stuff, and it was time to remove the ropes. (Her hands were starting to look a little blue.)

Then, she got to show off her marks from the pins and the developing bruises from the caning. What a trouper! Just wait for the second half of the visit. Let's just say she got even more expressive!

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