Tomiko's libido therapy

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Sometimes these hot women just need a little strait jacket therapy to cool down. That was the case with Tomiko, who seems to get hotter every year. This time, we locked her in a hotel room and strapped her into the jacket. At first, she was just a wild woman, unfocused and playing with the situation. It didn't take long, however, for her to get the point when we put a percussion massager right on her tender clit.

She struggled mightily to ignore the insistent vibrations, but ultimately she fell for its attraction.

You'll see her writhing around on the bed, trying to escape her torment. But nothing worked ... because we wouldn't let her get away.

Finally, she began to calm down in the aftermath of so much attention to her pussy. What a lovely sight to see her relax and go with the flow. Not, of course, that she had much choice.

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