Heather's Hangup

14 photos

After spending the afternoon watching Heather do all sorts of hot 'n horny things on the farm, it came my turn to see what she was made of.

Truly, the evening got cold faster than anybody anticipated. But she stuck it out, because she wanted to make good on her agreement.

So, there she was, hanging from a hastily erected cross, her hands cuffed over her head, blindfold and gag added and her nipples clamped tight. You probably guessed what she had to say about all this, as one device after another was added in quick succession.

"Mmmmph!" Poor little Heather, who had been such a bad, bold blonde babe just a few minutes before, was transformed into a silent submissive, hanging there, waiting for the next shutter click. She could feel this was something new. You can see from the closing few frames that she had completely submitted to her ordeal. In fact, she got totally wrapped up in the role, er, roll, er, whatever, a little later.

We'll be adding those lovely shots of her mummified real soon.

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