Safari's bondage adventure

31 photos

Poor little Safari. She's a dancer who just needed some extra dough ... so she responded to an offer for a bondage shoot. Thing is, she'd never done bondage. Not in her private life. Not as a photos set. Nothing. Ever.

Of course, that made her prime material for a naked bondage shoot, exposing her exquisite body more than any of her clients had seen. We pushed a bunch of her buttons, but it was tough to get anything except a stunned expression from her.

Then we settled on some spanking and XXXX. That got a reaction. She grinned! Yep, this bondage virgin was finally having a good time as we spanked hell out of her and then flogged her whole body while she was tied up on the bed.

Who knew a super-vanilla chick was going to love punishment drills?

And in the end, the rope marks you leave show just how well the set went ... and Safari definitely had her share of those.

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