Mandy's back for more

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Mandy is such a sweetheart. Last we saw of her on here, she was exposing her clothespin-covered pussy and shoving a finger up her ass (something she said she couldn't do). So, that's where we start off with today's update.

Those tight plastic clothespins are biting into her flesh. Her neck and back are aching from arching up to show her face to the camera. And she's getting chilled from the cold floors in the dungeon. (A sheet of backdrop paper doesn't make concrete warm.)

Yet Mandy is still in good humor, to the point where we give her the opportunity to start removing those pins. Of coruse, she's under instructions about which to remove and in which order. That keeps her clit pinched tightly, her nipples engaged and, later, her tongue on fire.

Still she manages to smile through the pain, looking back at the camera (and by extension the members) to proclaim silently that she's able to tough this stuff out.

Each time she gets one kind of relief, she has to earn it. More fingers in her pussy. A glass dildo. Bending over for more ass play. It just goes on and on. Next time, she'll be suffering humiliation blindfolded in a strait jacket. Till then, enjoy her current torment.

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