Sweet, sweet science of breast torture

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Sweet Leeph, as she calls herself these days, showed up at femmeXotique not quite sure of herself. She didn't really know if she wanted art photos or bondage photos or glam or any other genre.

There's only one thing to do with somebody with such ambivalence.

OK, so we tied her to the cross, stripped off her clothes and tormented those glorious breasts with clothespins.

To say she wasn't ready for the onslaught is an understatement. In the large photos, you can watch her expressions go from shocked to quizzical to utterly pained. Putting the pins on was no big deal. Lots of soft tissue molded easily to the pins' compression.

Yeah, we left her there for awhile, admiring the handiwork ... and, of course, the breasts. She was pretty much OK with that, if a little humiliated.

But a few minutes later, when we slowly started pulling the pins off, she found out why this is torture. Each time a pin came loose, it nipped a little skin. The area underneath got blood for the first time in awhile, and her breasts tingled in pain.

As you can tell, she had a LOT of pins on those breasts. Not just the nipples, but all around. And each one gave her that zap. What fun! Soon, we were teasing her. This one? Maybe this? No, let's do this one. She wanted to laugh, but was squirming so much it just came out as grunts. (We think that was laughter. Maybe it was pain?)

Anyway, after the long, trying task of removing the means or torment, we decided she needed a little something to take her mind off those breasts. So, we turned her around and flogged her till her back was bright red. Admittedly, this naturally fair skin showed red very quickly. But the hue was pretty impressive.

As she was breathing easier, thinking her ordeal was over, we ordered her to turn around and put her hands up again. Then, we gave her breasts a brief but effective XXXX, too.

That was half of Sweet Leeph's first visit to the dungeon. She's been in touch lately, and we're trying to squeeze her in before we make some big changes at femmeXotique.

PS: There are 49 pictures in this update, no matter the number on the next page. It'll probably say 99 (double the real number plus one for a database). For some reason, the hosting service doesn't read Mac Zip files properly. Sigh.

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