Ami really hated the cane...

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... And the flogger didn't exactly make her happy.

Nonetheless, Ami returned to femmeXotique to undergo more impact play. That was her thing. She hated the process, but she seemed to love the way she felt after receiving more than her fair share of abuse.

The first time we saw her, Ami had these enormous breasts, but they hurt her back so much, she had radical breast reduction surgery. Just to ensure that we stayed safely away from there, we cut up her t-shrt so it just covered the unsafe areas.

That left us plenty of space on her white, white flesh for us to place red marks.

This is the first chapter of this visit. We'll have to do the backside at another date.

Anyhow, Ami stood up there, locked to the wall, looking all tough and stuff. But all it took was a few swats with a flogger for her to start responding. Once her stomach and thighs were a nice pink, it was time for the cane. Now THAT got the little lady's attention.

Eventually, we had her dancing in her cuffs, trying unsuccessfully to escape the punishment. But she never asked for it to stop. Afterward, we asked her what was up with that. "I just expected you to stop, but you didn't." Ami, you didn't say anything, did you? "No." Why would we stop? "It's just that everybody else does as soon as you react."

Guess she didn't understand: Reaction is why we inflict the punishment. If she's just going to be a dummy hung from the wall, we could get a straw one for that. It was her grimaces, her twisting, her obvious suffering from the strokes and lashes that made the set worthwhile.

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