Disobedient Sabrina

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As a glamour model with close-to-fashion stats, Sabrina has had a long and varied career. Yet, she had this habit for blowing off people. Just not showing up when and where she was supposed to. Her habit had gotten her in trouble a few times, but nothing like this.

She had been summoned to accept her punishment, to learn a lesson in humility and to break her of her me-first attitude.

Surprisingly, she was early, and sat, fidgeting, in the dungeon where her punishment was to be meted out. As the time approached, she quickly shed her clothing and cleared a space. If she was hoping this show of obedience was going to spare her, she was sadly mistaken.

Instead, she was anchored to the wall and the humiliation began. First, her bra and panties were stripped from her, then clothespins (which she hated, hated, hated) were applied to her breasts, then her nipples. Even with a dental gag in, she tried to maintain some semblance of dignity. But another clothespin on he tongue stifled that.

Her real mistreatment was to happen next. With her leg tied in the air to expose her pussy, Sabrina still seemed a bit aloof. A few smacks with a riding crop got her attention. She was told that her punishment was to be a long, hard ride on the dick on a stick, which she had refused before. There was to be no lube, just her own juices. So, the pussy punishment was just her chance to get excited.

Finally, the main event. She was jammed with the dick until she screamed in multiple orgasms, leaving her spent and exhausted.

Next time, not only did she show up, but she was early. Guess she learned her lesson?

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