Cry for me, Kayce!

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Kayce Monroe was quite the rising star in the porn world, but she eventually dumped it for true love. In the meantime, however, she was one of the most determined sluts on the East Coast.

You've seen what she did with a gigantic dildo intended for a guy. She shoved it right up her ass, looking mad as hell the entire time. She endured extreme beating of her tits. And she complained that nipple clamp screws used to reduce pressure rubbed against her nipples. Her answer? Get rid of the screws and just smash her nipples.

One afternoon while waiting for some friends to show up, Kayce was bragging about her deep-throat ability. Unfortunately for her, she only had her huge orange dildo on which to demonstrate.

Since most real cocks aren't anything like that wide, we weren't sure how much she would handle.

Let's just say that the woman has an insane unwillingness to fail. So, time after time she jammed her head down on that thing, gagging and choking. Finally, she actually got the thing part-way into her throat. We thought that was cool, so we ordered her to do it again.

Yep, she did it, even deeper.

In the end, she looked a lot the worse for wear, with drool all over her lips and on the sheets.

Her only concern? "Did you get the tears?" she asked after it was all over.

Yeah, Kayce, we got the tears, covering the left side of her face. Funny how she hardly cried on the right side, but the left was a mess. (Want to see her tear-stained cheek? You'll need the full-size version. That's members only.)

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