Dragon Lily taskes a beating

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When last we saw Dragon Lily, she was standing in front of a room full of people, being humiliated by drool, having her nipples stretched with weights and generally being abused.

This is the final chapter of her abuse that beautiful morning. She is still locked up tight in those cuffs, still wearing the ball gag around her neck and still standing in front of all the folks who are becoming amused at her insistence on proving how tough she is.

So, out comes a nasty little flogger, which has plenty of sting as well as a little thud power when applied to now-tender breasts. Those weights had definitely made her little nipples stand out, so now they became great targets.

Remember: DL is trying to be tough. She doesn't want us to know what hurts her. How silly is that? Unless, of course, she wants lots more abuse! We figured it had to be that, because first one, then another of her tormentors would pick up the whip and give her a few whacks across the breasts, across the stomach, even down around her crotch. But she would just stand there, being the good little slave girl, absorbing whatever the doms in the room wanted to dish out.

Not a word of complaint. (OK, the occasional catch in her breath, but even that she tried hard to regulate.)

Finally, it was time to hand off the camera and get some really hearty blows in, because nobody else was able to get her attention. And the relentless pounding of her breasts began to pay off. Here's one time when her genetics (dusky skin) and her mindset (tough bitch) combined to make her torment far more serious than most girls would be willing to handle. From about the halfway point of these pictures, the flogger was literally whistling through the air. She could hear it coming as well as feel it land. And ultimately, you begin to see some responses. Her brows furrow, her posture bends. Her body has at long last absorbed so much punishment, she doesn't have the energy to pretend it isn't working.

That's when we redoubled the effort for a few minutes of truly tough treatment of those lovely breasts. As each blow struck her body, she endeavored to remain totally expressionless. But the grin that she flashed so often in the early stages became a grimace. The even breathing became ragged. And still she hung in there, XXXX to give in to the torment.

By now, everyone was enjoying the sight of her suffering simply because she was doing all she could to make it beautiful. In all, hundreds of blows rained down on her torso, leaving it a very delicate pink (we told you genetics conspired against her). If this had been a pale-skinned girl, she would have been bright red.

But as we all tested her flesh, it was clear from the heat she was giving off that the blood was certainly coming to the surface, just hidden by her skin color. Only after the XXXX was over did she admit the truth: "I was about to ask for it to stop," she said. "I don't know how much longer I could have stood there."

Almost immediately, she had to sit down and get her bearings. It seems the intensity of her concentration on staying upright, with her hands over her head, had led her to a state of real dizziness. Each blow was nearly enough to knock her over. But she never let on, never gave a glimpse into her agony during the test. Yes, indeed, this is one tough little bitch. A most delightful and charming one, too.

But tough.

These days, she's doing more inflicting of pain than accepting of it. Just imagine what she expects from her slaves when you consider what she can handle when she's on the receiving end.

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