Will Crystal Frost ever learn to behave?

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Sometimes these subs fall in line really quickly. But sometimes they don't. And sometimes that's more fun than when they do.

Crystal Frost had a habit of almost falling in line, never quite being evil enough to warrant the big punishment. Yet, she was always one step short of giving her all.

That's why we put her on the inversion table. She absolutely hated the thing and couldn't stay upside down for long at all. Leaving her inverted and stripping of her clothes ... and her dignity, what little she had left ... proved to be a lot of fun. We're pretty sure that was for us and not her.

Again, she didn't really go with the flow, always twisting and turning and trying to get out of another tilt of the table. Sigh. What do you do with a little wench like this?

Oh, yeah, a good OTK spanking. True, she didn't like it, but you can tell by the way she was grasping onto our legs that she was definitely getting into it.

Good hard swats on that beautiful ass, alternated with stroking and scratching, kept her at a loss as to what she could expect next. Keeping her off balance helped a lot for getting her in line.

Some intimate inspection afterward showed she had finally relinquished thoughts that she might somehow be in control.

Guess it's time for her next tests. Check back soon. We'll bundle those two together so you can see her grand finale at femmeXotique.

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