• Yowza,sometimes life can really get in the way! (September 19, 2021)

    I'm sure a handful of you have noticed that my updates have been a bit scattered, and others of you have noticed that I am behind on getting customs shot/edited/sent out and still others of you have noticed that I am dreadfully behind on getting to e-mails that require a lengthy reply (like custom inquiries) 

    When it rains, it pours. The cumulative effect of a home disaster (leaking ceiling, what a fucking mess!) that lead to long drawn out repairs that effect my shoot space, skin issues (fucking summer heat kills my skin), car issues, busy with work travel, personal travel, a new job on top of all my own work I do for my site, planning a few big events coming up, I had a birthday in there ....all of that takes up physical and mental energy and lead to me not being able to get things done in a timely manner for a variety of reasons. 

    But I'm catching up. My updates were not on the usual days but there are still two this week, and will resume the regularly scheduled programming now.

    For the custom clients that have been patient, THANK YOU.
    I say time and time again, it is SO important to be in the mood to shoot. No one wants a custom shot when I'm brain dead, tired, have heat rash or have no good space to shoot...right? That's totally not sexy, not for me and not for you.
    That's why I no longer give turn around times for customs, but I still typically get things done much quicker. 

    So, thank you for your support and patience! 
    - Caroline xxx

  • Do you belong to my site? (May 22, 2020)

    Hey there fetish fans! 

    Do you belong to my site? 


    I built my site around ME as a performer, not around a specific genre or fetish.

    I love the Strip Poker monthly game clips I post, but I've had zero feedback on them. Do you enjoy them? If so, what else would you like to see me do in the game?

    There's a lot of genres that I enjoy that I don't shoot much of, like clothing destruction, tickling, self bondage, piss play, giantess, vore, shoe/boot worship, pin-up, and more.

    There's a lot of genres that I regularly post updates of because they're what I'm known for, like foot fetish and booty clips and JOI.

    Feedback from the fans that support me by signing up for my website would mean a lot! 

    Please write to me through the contact link, and use "website feedback" as the subject. Please include the handle that you use on the site so I know you're a member.


  • updates on my site (March 11, 2020)

    Hey there loyal fans and subscribers,

    I do post two updates a week. I aim to have them scheduled to go live on Tuesdays and Fridays, but that is not always the case. But there WILL be two updates a week :) (except that one week a few months ago where the servers were getting upgraded and I couldn't upload)

    Thank you to those that have been with me for the entirety of this last year that my site has been up and running, and thank you for understanding that sometimes I'm a little late on updates, but that they'll always be there 


  • Caroline, what do you shoot in your custom videos? (September 25, 2019)

    Hey there everyone!

    I am asked quite frequently about custom videos.

    I understand that some people are quite familiar with the process of ordering them and explaining what they want, and to others it's a whole new idea that you can have a video made to be exactly what you asked for.

    I'll shoot just about everything that has to do with fetish. If it's a genre that I shoot, but don't/can't produce myself, then I can probably find another producer to collaborate with.

    There are some genres I don't shoot anymore (I don't shoot with men, I don't do hardcore sex acts, I don't do extreme bondage)

    There are some genres that I DO shoot but I don't produce on my own, so it'd be a collaborative effort between myself and them. 
    For instance, feeder, inflation, transformation, necro. 

    (this blog isn't finished, I'm workig on it)

  • a little more about custom videos (July 18, 2019)

    Hello fetish fans!

    I want to talk a little more about custom videos here.

    I have the Custom Video Info Page already listed under the MORE tab on the top of my site. 

    Here I want to talk about a few other things I don't have on that page.


    There are quite a few genres of fetish videos I don't shoot on my own. Either I can't because I don't have the set up or I don't use the content. 

    Genres I can't shoot solo but I can collaborate to shoot:

    -Expansion/Inflation (with Taylor Made Clips)

    -Blueberry (with Taylor Made Clips)

    -Hulking out (with Taylor Made Clips)

    -Transformation (with Taylor Made Clips)

    -Futa (with Taylor Made Clips)

    -Vore/being eatten but a monster (Tomiko has Fluffy)

    -Necro/Death Fetish (Tomiko and Evangeline both shoot it) * I do on occasion shoot death fetish myself

    -Peril (Shiny Bound shoots peril videos)


    If you're interested in a custom video, there are quite a few local people I know very well that I can rely on to shoot with, that covers a wide range of genres.

    -Sydney Screams  (beautiful BBW that shoots most fetishes)

    -Maya Sinstress  (stunning Pro Dom that shoots most fetishes)

    -Shiny Bound  (producer that shoots bondage, great rigger, can be on camera)

    -Severe Society (local production company that can produce most fetishes and has an in-house sub/cuck/slave that can be hired)

    -Cheyenne Jewel (athletic wrestler model that shoots most fetishes)

    -Tomiko (athletic wrestler model that shoots most fetishes and produces super heroine/vore/necro/DiD/etc)

    -Evangeline Von Winter (shoots most fetishes) 

    -Leviathan (producer that shoots most fetishes, can be on camera, plays a great villain)

    -Cassandra Cane (performs most fetishes, and does a variety of superheroine cosplay)

    -Cupcake Sinclair (performs most fetishes, usually a sub, does extreme niches, is a side show performer)

    There are a lot of models that are local to me that I can contact to see about shooting with, and several that travel hee for shoot trips. Keep in mind though that many of them need to be booked for more than a 10 minute custom though. Unless we're already shooting together it's a lot to ask for someone to get ready and commute to shoot for only 10 minutes.
    Just ask who else is avaible, and I'll give you a list. 

    -Caroline Pierce

  • Welcome to my site! (March 24, 2019)

    Hello there everyone!

    Welcome to my site.

    I hope you enjoy what you see! 

    Rather than basing my site on a particular genre like FemDom or Big Booty, I've geared my site to based around me as a performer as a whole, covering a wide array of genres. I imagine that for a lot of you that's not what you're used to. I understand that for a lot of fetishists and kinkster, genres don't mix. There are bondage lovers that don't want to see JOI, and hypno lovers that don't want to see tickling clips, and ass worship lovers that don't want to see foot fetish clips, etc. 
    But, if the multi-genre format isn't for you, that's fine! You can still buy clips individually Wink 

    And a great big THANK YOU for those that have already signed up and written to me to tell me that you look forward to each new update! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!

    As for the content updates themselves, my goal is to have a bit of everything each month. There will be one bondage update, one foot fetish update, one POV sex role play update, one ass worship update, etc. I'm trying to fill in all the spaces with a bit of everything. 

    Things might change as I go along, depending on what content I have access to, what content I create and what seems to work best.

    One thing you won't see any of on here is any kind of Boy/Girl sex or blowjobs/handjobs/footjobs. I haven't shot that in years and I have no plans of doing it again, so I will not be putting up any clips like that. Sorry to disappoint those of you that followed my mainstream porn career, but that career is long past and I won't be going back to it.

    Fetish has always been my passion, it is innate to me, and that's where my interests are. And there are SO MANY fetishes that I don't get to shoot often enough so I'm looking forward to exploring them more on my own as a producer! 

    I hope you enjoy coming along for the ride! 

    - Caroline Pierce

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