Hello there! And thank you for being thoughtful enough to inquire about my wish lists

I have several wish lists of different types.

My Cathouse Clothing wish list of delicious latex: http://bit.ly/CarolinesLatexWishlist

My Amazon wish list: http://bit.ly/CarolinePierceWishlist
My Amazon link goes to my default page of Clothes, Shoes & Other Random Things but if you look there are other wish lists too,
like Creature Comforts, Work Equipment, Latex, Geeky Things, Other Hobbies, Travel Needs, etc.  

My Amazon Gift Card wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/CYPYW1SF1N30?&sort=default

I do have things listed from other sites and those usually need an address for mailing. 
Caroline Pierce
7437 S. Eastern Ave #407
Las Vegas NV 89123

I use the Cash app for tributes, gifts and monetary payments, my handle is $MissCarolinePierce


If you are sending me something from one of my wishlists as something other than a generous gift,
let me know *before* you send it.
***I do NOT accept gifts as a means to pay for in-person time.
However, I will  accept gifts of clothing/shoes to wear for a paid in-person session 

***I will selectively accept high priced items like latex as means to fund a custom video for you.
If you send a $300 item that I want, then I will shoot a video for you worth $150.
Details and specifics to be discussed. 

***If you are sending me something and expect something in return, IT IS NOT A GIFT YOU ARE SENDING ME,
it is a means of barter. There is nothing wrong with that, of course! But you need to be clear about it Kiss

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