Earnings and Payouts

The More You Make, The Less We Take

A Payout Structure Geared Towards Your Growth and Success

XSiteAbility.com is proud to have a payout structure that is truly progressive. Literally, the more you make, the less we take. Instead of a one-size-fits-all percentage split (currently the industry standard 60/40), we INCREASE YOUR CUT and DECREASE OURS as your net sales grow. No one else in the biz offers this split. Your earnings per sale can go all the way up to 80% based on your sales volume.

Monthly Payments.
Consistent and Reliable.

Payments for your sales happen on the first business day of each month. Most clients in the United States will have a check cut and sent by USPS that day. International clients have their funds delivered via electronic menas. Arrangements can be made for direct bank transfers of large payouts if the client prefers.