Standard Features

Powerful Tools To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Site

Integreated Management and Creation Tools. Always Free

XSiteAbility is always in the process of developing and integrating new features to keep you and your site on the cutting edge of business and technology.


All hosting on our secure, dedicated Linux servers is INCLUDED with your account. No extra charges for space used.


We provide all the high-speed bandwidth required to serve your site. And, of course, there is never a charge for it's use.

Credit Card Processing

We handle all credit card processing for your site. You have access to ALL major credit cards, with NO setup fees.

Online Check Acceptance

I addition to credit cards, your subscribers can choose to have their fees deducted instantly from their bank accounts, opening your market to non-credit card holders.

Automatic Content Editing

At your choice, XSiteAbility will automatically resize your photos and even tag your photos with your website URL ( XSiteAbiltiy also automatically creates all your thumbnails, animated gifs, video contact sheets, and preview photos for you as well.

Intuitive Site Editing Tools

You don't need to know HTML, CSS, XML, PHP or anything else, but if you do you can stretch your legs here. With XSiteAbility's editing tools, YOU can customize you website however and whenever you want. You can pick the colors, borders, fonts... You have control over as much or as little as you like! It's as easy as editing your favorite social-media site (actually, it's a bit easier :-)

Automatic Content Rotation

For those with a finite amount of content, or an unreliable stream of new content, XsiteAbility can take your content make live as much of it as you like, then on a daily, weekly, monthly (or anything in between) schedule, rotate your content in and out so that your updates and site remain fresh, your site is constantly updated and your recurring customers are happy.   You pick the amount of content available at any one time, the frequency of updating and XSiteAbility does the rest.  You can even add new content while your existing content is rotating. The new content will be automatically inserted into rotation as the next update and becomes part of the rotation schedule.

Automatic Content Population

Do you want to start a site? Do you have a lot of content ready to go? Not looking forward to doing each update individually? This feature allows you to upload all of the content into a special folder on the server, press the big red button and XSiteAbility will take all of that content and automatically populate your site with all of your photo galleries, videos or both.

Automatic Scheduled Updating

Your site can be set to automatically update. You can enter as many updates as you want, IN ADVANCE, and easily schedule each of them to go live at anytime you like. Any day, month or year.

Discreet Billing

All your subscribers transactions will be discreetly billed to avoid embarassing situations.

Live Customer Service

Your subscribers have access to 24/7/365 telephone customer service..

Sales Stats.

Realtime. Anytime. Analysis features and historical lookups are only a click away.

Traffic Stats.

Traffic numbers and analysis. Features both current and historical form your sites date of creation.

Custom Pages

You can create specific pages with specific information. Fully customizable by those with or without coding skills.

Integrated Translation for Non-English Speaking Customers

Every site created thorough XSiteAbility includes easy-to-use, global translation software to maximize your reach.
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